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Did you know Dj Khled started hustling at the age of 14? See what he says.

Famous Dj, Dj Khaled, took to his IG page today, letting us know he started hustling from the age of 14.

That no one should depend on another for success.

"When you're a self made man, you start very early in life."

"I started bringing income into the family when I was 14 15 years old."

"I was born around hustlers that took care of there family...I never waited for a club owner or promoter to hire me and my crew to do show and gigs...I always was like let's do it our self's."

"We did partys in ballroom event spaces, we loved by the people, they came out to support us...Now I am expanding my empire...I will never stop.

Well you heard it from the hustler himself, check your ways.

Fadaka Louis

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