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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Gbetu Face of Independence Day! Miss Igbinoba Ehizogie @angelehiz (Interview)

Welcome! This is an interview IGBINOBA EHIZOGIE. She is a rising model.  She contested for Mr and Miss Continent Nigeria, though she didn't get the crown but was awarded one of the "Well Behaved Contestants", she represented Edo State.

In this interview...after discussing with her a bit... I decided to make it "tough and tight", taking it away from the usual interview ways.

Beware that some questions here might make you want to break my head. Hehe! But its all for the best.

Don't forget the aim of interviews is to sell the interviewee, so I expect companies, brands and individuals in search to pluck.

Angela's style of modeling can be related to that of "Allure"; "Stunaz"; "Wizdaily" and so on.

Hopefully our perspective of models will change or be cleared... it's their passion let them do it.

I hope this sustains you!

Enjoy our chat below!

If you don't understand any, look at it again. *smiles*

Fadaka: I have with me some Slum Questions. Please answer honestly!


Fadaka: Are you ready? Take a deep breath!

Alright! I'm ready!

Scars? -                                                    No Scars

Crush?   -                                                 None

Fears?  -                                                  For failure

People you would die for?   -              None

Someone you hate? -                           None

Someone you can tell anything to? - My Mother

Have you ever smoked? -                    No

Have you ever drunk alcohol?  -         No

Have you ever done 'bad' drugs?       Nope

Last time you cried? -                         A month ago

Bestfriends? -                                      None

Favourite colour? -                             Red

Lucky number? -                                 5

Birthday? -                                           5th December

Bi/straight/gay? -                               Straight

Eye colour? -                                       Black

Ex you'll never stop having feelings for? - None

Best body part? -                               Hips

Best obsession? -                               None

If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?

Firstly to always find peace n love anywhere I find myself. Secondly, to have the ability to inspire others. Thirdly, for human race to find love with one another.

Fadaka: Nice. Please think well before answering the next set. It can be tricky...it's usually not what you want to say...so think well! Yes?


Male or female? - Female*

Kiss or hug? - Hug

Nicknames? - No nickname

Favourite song? - Scream by Usher

Favourite thing? - None

Worst thing that ever happened too you? - Being criticised 'cos of my complexion .

Best thing that ever happened too you? Being alive

Something you would change about yourself? -  Nothing to change, perfectly and fairly made.

Worst mistake? - Disobedience to good advice

Something you're proud of? - Being feminine

Your dream? - To inspire others and be successful in my career .

Watch movie or read book? - Watch movie

Ever tried to kill yourself? - Nope

Favourite TV show? - Face 2 Face

Ever self harmed? - Lol! Nope

Ever caught a virus, disease or sickness? - Yes! Chicken pox

Special talents? - Teaching

Do you ever wish you could start over? - Yes

Ever been abused? - Yes, several times *

Abused anyone? - Nope

Ever had a near death experience? - Nope

Someone you can't tell anything to? - Friends

Virgin? - Hum! Nope

Any tattoos? - Nope

Are u single or taken? - Single

Someone who knows all your secrets? - Mom

Someone who's secrets you know? Mom

Fadaka: mmm... Ladies and their mum! Have your drink please!

Thank you!

Fadaka: Shall we continue?


Last kiss? -  Lips sealed

Girl best friend? - None

Boy best friend? - None

Height? - 5feet 7inches tall

First kiss? Lips sealed

Play any sports? Football

One secret? Lol! Lips sealed!

Who do you hate? - No one

Longest relationship? - hum?

Who do you like? *frowns*

What do you like in a boy? - His intelligence and ability to inspire and motivate me.

What do you like in a girl ? - Self confidence and self respect.

What area do you live? - Lagos

Age? - 20

Hobbies? - Runway and Dancing

Favourite phrase? - Life is not measured by the breath we take in a moment but by the moment that takes our breath away.

If you were a fruit, what would it be? - Apple

Round 2
This is really about EHIZOGIE, what she is up to, did and what she wants...more like her CV. Enjoy!


Age - 20

Date of birth - 05/12/1995

State of Origin - Edo

Local Government - Egor

Based where - Lagos

Hobbies - Meeting new people and inspiring them

When you started modeling - A year ago

Why Modeling? - First, my love for fashion and also to make a difference about Nigerian mentality of the modelling industry - to see modelling as a special talent on it own and also learn to appreciate it

Where did you start? - Lagos
Which event? - None

Last event attended - Mr and Miss Continental Nigeria Pageant
Why? - To improve my intelligence and also build my self confidence.

Achievement/s - Standard education. *chuckles*

Current program - College

Makeup brand - Zaron makeups

Skincare brands - Nivea

Fashion brand - Ehiz

If given the opportunity what are the things you will like to change in the modeling industry ?

First and foremost, the Nigerian name tag of female models as prostitute. Secondly, agencies recruiting models from rich backgrounds. And thirdly, models should be seen as special human with special human trait, should be appreciated and not just seen as every normal individual that work on the street, more platforms should be created

Favourite things in the world? - Nature

What in nature? - The fresh air, green lands and beautiful flowers.

Favourite location for a shoot. Studio or Natural? - Natural

Do you like or love your body? - Hun! Love it!

What do you hate most? - Greed and jealousy

Three countries you will like shoot? - Paris, New York and sure thing, Nigeria.

What's your favourite kind of man?

A man that inspires me,understand and respect the value of a true black African woman like me, motivates me to do more and contribute to my life positively, spiritually, morally and socially.

Male turn-off?

First, a man who doesn't respect and understand the values of a woman. Secondly, a man who doesn't stand up to his fears and face it - inability to perform his responsibility as a man.

Fadaka: *breadths* Finally my dear. "This or That". You have one second for each question.

Lol! Alright. Ready!

Candy Crush or Pet Rescue?
Candy crush

Rice or Beans

BB or IPhone

Cab or Bike

Crab or shrimp

Water or wine

Skirt or Trousers ?

Cinema or Park

Dance or Watch

Perfume or Body Spray
Body spray

Fadaka: lolz! Sincerely, you are a very patient lady! Thank you for granting this interview.

You're welcome

Fadaka: The next time we do this, I pray you be at the top.

Amen! Thanks!

To reach Angela.
Call - 08090711099
Pin - 23AAC637
Email: Angelehis492@yahoo.com
Facebook: Angel Ehiz
IG: @angelehiz

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