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Happy Independence Day from Gbetu Tv and Patriotic Nigerians! @gbetublog

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same. Happy 55 years  of Independent, and a wonderful new month ,God bless Nigeria. - Vitalis Ezeiruaka (@VichVitalis)

To be an individual in a country with an independent will gives one the deep satisfaction of belonging, but should also come with a humbling sense of responsibility.

It should therefore always be remembered that freedom exists only in doing what is right, let's put aside conflict and embrace Peace as one people.

I love my country, Happy Independence Nigeria. Omalicha// Hairtopia Nigeria. 07080056206.

May the labours of our heroes past never be in vain, this is to wish you a wonderful Independence Day celebration. - Omoshalewa Akeredolu.

FREEDOM in d mind, FAITH in d words,PRIDE in our hearts and MEMORIES in our soul, let's salute our GREAT nation HAPPY INDEPENDENCE and HAPPY NEW MONTH. - Maxi E

The land is green
The heart is pure like the white
The other green is to achieve our aims our objective...!

Despite we re surrounded with many tribes doesn't mean we ain't one..!

We leave life a leaders
We control the universe
We shake the world cause no place you can't find us in the world

Naija the one of a kind. The heartbeat of Africa!

The father land can never get tarnished  as we still remember our year anniversary tomorrow we still leading to set more pace and impact to the world...!

Happy independence nigeria

I'm proudly naija born

Oh My Fatherland !
Beautiful  as Ever, Even though we are been beaten by waves of Terrorism, been driven back by parasites of corruption, though Tribalism strives to sweep our Nationalism into  extinct ..... We are Stronger than Them, we are Nigeria, we are still here, we are still one Undefeated United, Giant of Africa.....Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba... still together and Forever we shall Stand strong Uphold the honour of our great Country. Happy Independent Nigeria. - Richy Managor

Am proud 2 b a black,proud 2 b african nd proud 2 come 4rm nigeria.I love my country nigeria HAPPY INDEPENDENCE NIGERIA. - Lizzy.

I have a dream that my country will be great and today it start as we match for a new beginning in our lives.

America did not metamorphose to what they are,and even now they are not as peaceful as we are, my country will be greater than the greatest country.

My dreams are not built on a better soil,better houses,roads,schools or other material things...

But I dream of a better Nigerian who will forget religion, tribe and ethnicity and live so that others can live!

I dream of a Nigeria where an hausa man can walk up to another Igbo man asking for his assitance without fear of being turned down!

My country will be great again!

Change is about you not the infrastructure....

Long live Nigeria.....
God bless Nigeria...
      #Proud to be green#

I pray.. for you as I pray for myself.. today also.. that you gain independence from every devourers, delay, disappointments, distractions, hatred, and every negative decree operating in any areas of your lives in Jesus name.. Amen

Happy Independence day folks! 


I pledge to Nigeria my country, to be faithful loyal and honest, to serve Nigeria with all my strength, to defend her unity and uphold her honor and glory, so help me God..Happy Independance day NG.- Dominion Media

May this new month light up every dark corner of our hearts,May all prejudices against each other disappear.Wishing you a peaceful new month and HAPPY OCT 1st__NIGERIA@55.- WF_ FEMLAD Special Clothing

Happy New Month to you, and Happy Independence to Nigerians...  \=d/

From   @iamsegunfunmi

The sacrifice of our past heroes shall never been in vain. We will serve our father land with all our strength. Nigeria is getting better @55 and we can do more. Let's celebrate Nigeria together. One love. - Dflex and Richy

I thank God! for you being able to see the last quarter of the year,  I praise Jehovah and I  pray for you  that, every demonic personality and satanic agent with the authority to make sure you never get to taste the full blessings of God shall be destroyed by the fire of the Holy Ghost in the name of Jesus.
Anyone with satanic mandate to steal your blessings, to kill you and your loved ones and to destroy your glory and destiny shall receive the righteous judgement of God in the mightiest name of Jesus. Amen! Goodmorning and Happy New Month!!! + Happy Independence day. - Itz mide

Happy Independence fams, you know at Gbetu we give only the best, using proximity efficiently . Thank You. 55years no be small thing. Let's stop complaining and start working together!
#teamgbetufadaka #gbetutv #teamgbetu #fadakaaddaics

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