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The worst Cyclones ever to hit the South Pacific hits Fiji, claiming 36 lives!

Fiji an Island country in  Melanesia, has experienced one of the worst Cyclones to ever hit the South Pacific, and its citizens are still reeling from the impact. 

Tropical Cyclone Winston’s destructive path claimed 36 lives, forced 35,000 people from their homes, wiped out people’s crops and damaged or destroyed 97 schools. 

Natural disasters in the Pacific Islands are all too common, so when a storm strikes, governments tend to be well-prepared. In this case the Government and the Fiji Red Cross prepared evacuation centers in advance, and warned people to stay at home to avoid the worst of the storm.

When the cyclone made landfall, the Government, members of the Pacific Humanitarian Team and UN agencies such as UNICEF and WHO responded effectively. They are now working around the clock to distribute food, tents and blankets to as many people as quickly as possible. People whose homes have been flattened are staying in evacuation centers, which have beds, food, water, healthcare and even play areas for their kids.

The Cyclone will mean a long road to recovery for the Fijian people. 

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