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The Oma Living Show goes to Mina! Read how it went! #therightstage @omalivingshow

Marilyn Oma Anona, took the "Oma Living Show" down to Mina on Wednesday, 3rd March, to spread the new tag theam #therightstage.

Read how it went.

The Right Stage Went to Minna Niger State yesterday 3rd of March 2016.
The journey to Minna was not a very smooth one . But thanks to God almighty we made it to Minna safely and got back to Abuja safe too. 

These young ones wanted to tear me apart! Never seen this type of beauty and energy in one gathering. As I and my team wanted to close, they started "don't go Oma which became a song.

They saw me sweating profusely and went to organise cold Zobo for me.
Chants of "we love you aunty Oma in the air" Never felt so emotional!
Especially the very eloquent one that said I want to be like auntie Oma when I grow up.

Marilyn Oma Anona

Moreso, "The Right Stage" is a charity and empowerment project by #omalivingshow . It is a nationwide project and so far, they have been able to go to 3 states: Abuja, Nasarawa and Niger.

It must be known that more than 2000 young Nigerians between the ages of 1 to 40 have benefitted from this project and over 30 schools have been involved.

This is project aims at orientating, changing and transforming  by touching the lives of the individuals particularly young people to make them better so that the society will be good in the long run.

So far, #therightstage lacks support, sponsorship and partnership. There is no government backing, no corporate sponsor. This is just a young Nigerian striving to make great impact with personal funds and little support from family and friends.

#therightstage needs support to make it what it should be. It is open to the public.

They need encouragement and support from you!!!
Contact them on 08038815613
For enquiries and more detailed information or send  an email to


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