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"Frowns" as Kendall Jenner stars as Allure face of October.

Frown from fans a Allure Magazine keeps the same set of celebrities. This has been continuous since last year.

This time its Kendall Jenner again in their October Issue titled "Best of Beauty", this is after she stared in the March 2015 issue.

This act is making Allure become boring as Jessica Alba was in their September issue, same year as Kendall.

Kendall was recently in Vogue Australia and Germany. Like seriously does she now own "Vogue World"? What's that? What's going on.

In fact its not just Allure or the Vogue magazines but other top publications.

Sometimes you just have to loose a bit to create another set of stars, you are the media, you create stars. Do not create and follow, you are to create and be followed.

"Genevieve Magazine" and "ThisDay Style" please take note.

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