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Article: Keke Maruwa Or Okada (Tricycle or Moto bike) Advantages and Disadvantages

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My sister was prego sometime ago, I was with her almost all through and each time, starting from the third month, the husband would be like "never you take Okada for any reason, even if you are late, its better you walk". I will just be there smiling. You know, I happen to be a big fan of bikes, not me riding though, maybe a speed bike someday.

Anyways, my emphasis will be on Okada and Keke. Okada, best known as motocycle and Keke as Tricycle, also known as Keke maruwa or Keke Napep(e). Some even call it 'Elese-meta' in Yoruba language or 'Ukwu-ato' in Igbo language, irrespective of these, I won't be writing of their make or any other thing, rather their uses, advantages and disadvantages but still at the end, you have to figure out which is best for you.

By the way, just in-case you are curious or confused with ther terms, Okada and Keke Maruwa is what Moto Bikes and Tricycles, respectively are called in Nigeria.

Alright, here are three(3) Advantages and Disadvantages of Keke Maruwa and Okada.
  • Timeliness: If you are job-hunting or have a special (office) appointment you don't want to miss or loose , just enter Okada. For Secondary school students, if you don't want to miss assembly and get some whip, take Okada, especially when you are late. You don't want to mess with traffic at Pako, Sabo, Falomo, Anthony, Iyanaworo and so on. If you want to get to church or mosque quickly and you are behind time, do Okada. To avoid Okada for lateness, just wake early and take Keke with peace of mind. There is no comparism between Keke and Okada when it comes to speed.
  • Cost: Keke is cheaper, irrespective of distance. Okada will always collect times two of what Keke will. For instance, Bariga to Yabatech is #70naira, highest #100naira for Keke but Okada will be at #200naira to #250naira, lesser to probably #150naira if you are willing to negotiate and where you entered from. Point is, Keke is cost effective.
  • Risk: Chai! The risk with Okada is nuts! Okada can can perform magical accidents that will confuse you. To be considerate, from experience, it all depends on the driver or rider, some are titans*(ready to die), while some are farmers(remember they have wife/wives and kids at home). I have been on a tricycle where the diver started competing with a truck (Tipper as it is called in Nigeria), well thank goodness he didn't come first! I have also been on Okada going to 1004 building from Obalende, gosh I was really late for a Karate class, my clients where waiting. On it, towards Ikoyi, in which the next street, where Ikoyi Club is, there is this sharp U-turn, this Aboki finished it, I mean he completed the U-turn. I held my heart so tight with my tongue! If I had made any move, maybe Igbobi(a hospital in Lagos best known for amputation) 'would have done their best'. I know at this point your mind is so active but just so, understand its not about the type but the driver. I champion Keke though, especially for pregnant women, kids and those transporting loads.

 In conclusion, just a quick advice to the government, these two means of transportation are our primary means, do not make life hard for us while at your own convenience. How about going to the area first, live there for a month before taking actions or ask the community leader or even a little private vox-pop before 'striking'. Taking out Okada for instance is a bad idea, creating by-laws or laws to guide them is a brilliant idea. This is a means of livelihood for many people don't take it out because one person thinks differently, except you love been cursed by heterogeneous people.


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