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Unbelievable! Uber sued for not having Wheelchair space in Cars!

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Popular commercial private cars transportation company, Uber has been sued by by Equal Rights Centre, a nonprofit organization at Washington D.C for not having Wheelchair space in Cars!

The lawsuit which was filed on Wednesday, 28th June, alleges that Uber is violating both the Americans with Disabilities Act, which requires transportation companies to offer equal access to all riders, and D.C.'s Human Rights Act.

It states that Uber's fleet of 30,000 vehicles in D.C. isn't capable of servicing passengers that have non-foldable wheelchairs and even if they are, Uber provides no way for drivers to indicate that in the app.

Moreso, UberWAV, which is Uber's option for handicapped riders in D.C., falls short in its service, the suit claims.

Uber may be trying to make amends with drivers, but it is still largely ignoring the needs of handicapped customers.

Uber has also been allegedly accused of purposely prohibiting handicapped-enabled  cars from being added to its fleet by encouraging (a must) four seats available a car (one of the rules of UberX)..

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