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I am that lazy one - Emmanuel Ibekwe

Following the popular notation said made by the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, Digital Marketer and Public speaker, Emmanuel Ibekwe makes out time to share his thought. 

Below is what he thinks. 

"I am that lazy one. The Youth that our Nigerian President was talking about. I am the one. I am so lazy that I wake up around 1/2am to start my day. I am so lazy that I sleep around 10/11pm. #Laziness is what helps me use food to explain #Digital #Marketing concepts on LinkedIn. #Laziness is what motivates me to always better myself to be able to train Professionals privately on different aspects of Digital Marketing. #Laziness is what is making me volunteer for the United Nations in helping to grow an NGO on Social Media and build their website. #Laziness is what keeps my phone buzzing with Companies booking dates for their training with. The same laziness that makes me train my contacts on #Digital #Marketing using "Whatsapp Stories". I bet it is #Laziness that puts food on my table everyday. #Laziness allows me read about 9 books on the average every month (I have done 13 this month already) #Laziness is how I became a Google Digital Trainer. #Laziness pays and paves my way into big events to learn more. Dear Mr. President, thank you for reminding me that I can be more hardworking. I am not mad at your words, because in the words of Frank Sinatra, "the best revenge, is massive success". Have a great week ahead. #DigitalMarketing"

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