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Science and Technology is modern Witchcraft.

Magic of today is technology of tomorrow. Magic itself is associated with "witchcraft" A- craft- of Wisdom. And then it gave birth to ancient Alchemy, the forefather of today's Chemistry. 

It is funny people will claim they ain't no wizard but will proudly claim they are a graduate of Chemistry. These are advance knowledge used by ancient Africans, India and even Chinese to manipulate Energy into different forms. 

Energy can be in different forms, the Solidified energy is what we see, and of course it is possible to play with it like clay and turn it into another form. And that is what the ancient call "MAGIC". The very word that used to scare the pope and his god. I will not dive into that now.

WitchCraft like I said early means the Craft of wisdom, the craft of medicines, herbs used primarily to cure the sick by women who were wise enough to detect the transformation of Energy from solid to malleable form( there is nothing wrong with that ). This gave birth to our modern medicines we are proud of today. Yet the bible said, suffer the witch not to live? That's crazy! We owe our Morden medicines to witchcraft. A better study of the craft will aid use and help use respect and understand our African wise women more.

Obviously it is possible to use a great craft to cause harm to others. But then, only a weak mind will fall victim to such illusion. Illusions needs your permission/ belief to work on you anyway.

Science and technology is modern witchcraft. Just like witchcraft makes use of formula to transform and interprets Energy bubbles, TV and the remote control to turns it on and off, changes channels to a preferred tv programm is Magic. A laptop diving into different form of information with the help of the Internet ( Energy) is absolute Magic. 

Magic is everything just as we are also Magic. We are a nation of magicians.

Dosunmu Tejumola

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