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I believe now is time to take it back. The real change is now!

I believe now is time to take it back. The real change is now!

There are words, right words at the right time, now is time, to re-orientate our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, Friends making enemies friends for exploration of a better life. 

How would it be if we have a nation without so much pains with adequate regulations in a working system. I believe now is time to take it back. The real change is now. 

Our leaders were youth while they attained the glory, now they are old, grand and great fathers and mothers, they need to hand over to the nation at this point and relax while we look after them. 

However, Moses led Joshua to the top before he died. There's always a handover time. Now is the time, we need a new Nigeria. The youth time to go to the top. And only the youth can have it. 

PVC is a key to eradicating corruption and modernize the nation. That even the villagers can be seen with cctv for social security, that information is set across the nation in transparency and accountability.

That the people have true love for growths and developments of the nation and love one another, that there's no shade of eye, nor oppression in social gatherings, where life is gold and gold becomes mere commodity; only then you can take it back. 

The Youth Vision is on the partway to true leadership by the youth, male or female that truly has Nigeria in mind for the sake of the people and not to their detriments. I reserve my comment till am called to to hold the mic. 

Keep fighting, the media is real. now is time, we will take it back. 

The Youth Vision.

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