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My though on the 100 man slaughter at Jos

The June Gathering of Insensitive

As much as I try to divest my mind from active political commentaries, some of the usual unusual pops up somewhere around the country that jolts me up from my forced reverie. I couldn't sleep last night seeing the gory pictures of over 100 mankind slaughtered in Jos, mostly children of my own creation's ages. I was overtaken by emotions. Oh, how I watch over them!

While the insensitive President and his gangs were at the convention will all the security men in the country stationed there, killers, were in Jos having a field day in their killing spree with all the trappings of a genocide. Not even a single minute was be spared for the memories of the dead, yet, the President went down in tears in Bauchi for storm that had destroyed replaceable properties just to garner votes for 2019. 

While the gap toothed president was all smiled for appointing the con artist, the compulsive liar and master sophist as the chairman of that party, some governors dancing and others fighting, Jos was strewn with blood of the innocent, mostly of children who do not know what these people are fighting for.

While Senator Abaribe's house was been ransacked for items to link him up with IPOB, (but for exposing a #30 billion fraud in the budget) carting away phones and laptops used for ordinary teachings, the living in Jos were preparing mass graves to bury the dead, yet again, the umpteenth time. (he has been released).

Why are we here in the first place if this is how it was meant to end? (Tears drop and close caskets).


First Comments:
And the killings are just starting now? As if we are all strangers from the moon. Not supporting the senseless killings though! I think we should be charging the constituted authorities to be more proactive in their security approaches. The evil of genocide has been a perennial pandemic which we must all preach against irrespective of which tribe, religion, and or region is being affected. Making it look like it is the present administration that is solely associated with this scourge is nothing but smear pretence.

If telling a man who claimed to have the solutions to our problems that HE HAS FAILED when things are getting out of hand, and he DOES NOTHING, or at best blame others and refuse to take responsibility is SMEAR CAMPAIGN, then so be it....

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