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A Fixed Match Scam at Anambra

Here is a scam alert of N7,000 performed by one Timileyin Pelumi Ogunniyi of Account number 0160842954 - Guaranty Trust bank against Whatsapp User of +234 806 827 3267 on Tuesday, 3rd July, 2018.

Dude never got his Fixed Match agreement.

Read complain below:  

I need to talk to you privately
This is not what you are busy preaching here that you're practising here
After I sent you the #7,000 since yesterday you haven't send anything like fixed match code to me,imagine since yesterday as at 11:02am.
You made a mistake by sending me an account number for me to transfer some money to you with regards to an ideal agreement
You and your ring size of Swindlers are busy posting irrelevant testimony here
My patience ran out since one hour after I  made the payment to that account number you sent without doing likewise by sending the code to me.
Delete is officialSee what you said let's ye  forgot
Let's I forgot I don't want you to send me the money back,you have to keep to your word by completing the ideal agreementAnd also I won't say foul language here because such is life

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