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Time for Change - Bloggers Lias against Glo for Extreme Saving Mode

There is a peaceful protest by Nigerian Bloggers against Glo Nigeria for going too extreme with 'Saving Mode".

The Saving Mode is simply a way network providers help manage the data spend on each site open so data does not drain, but this has been over done be Glo Nigeria, making site opening longer or not open at all and this has a major effect on those whose blogs are hosed through the best hosting blogging platform, BLOGGER.

For instance, a BLOGGER site will never open on Chrome, Internet Explorer, UC Browser and Safari, while on Glo data, with this happening, readers will complain that the site isn't good. Whereas, blogs like Gbetu Tv for instance have been optimised to open fully in just 3-5seconds. This is bad for business and bad for readers.

Its so bad that even Opera Mini Saving mode takes about 10 seconds or more.

Fellow bloggers, webmasters and even readers it's time to take a stance against the poor services being rendered by Nigerian Telecoms operator, *Glo*.
The so called grandmasters of data have the cheapest data rates in Nigeria but apparently the worst service.
*How you may ask?*
According to a recent study we've discovered that websites hosted on Google's Blogger platform using custom domains that is blogs using their own domain names rather than the subdomain cannot be accessed by users of Glo thereby causing blog owners to lose income and denying readers of possible vital information contained in those websites.
We contacted their 3G support who told us that our issue was being sorted out after several back and forth sending of emails but are yet to get a fix or further information after over two weeks.

We hope Glo sees this and try to work on it, least a smart campaign on why consumers should use other network will be launched.

Be the grandmaster that you  claim to be already!

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