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Commentary on 3 Tourism Resorts Shutdown in Cross Rivers.

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Tinapa shut down by FIRS for tax evasion....MARINA resort shutdown for tax evasion....Obudu cattle Ranch closed down.....
These are three of the top tourism resorts in Cross river's a disgrace! to this government and those who come on social media to support it...Shame on all of you!
You come here to criticize Buhari when your state is in disarray...I call you hypocrites for not criticizing your Governor it Buhari that caused these three resorts to be closed?
The Governor is from Obudu...yet he allowed the Ranch resort in his hometown to shut down...last time I went there they turned off the generator by 8pm...yes I slept in darkness...I had to run away first thing the next morning.
One day all these charade would end....and we in cross river state would ask did we allow one man...destroy our state. This governor specializes in fraud...deceiving people with big grammer and nice billboards...yet nothing on ground...where is the super highway? Where is the deep seaport? What is the garmet factory manufacturing? Where is the Rice from the Rice seedling? Where is the calabar virgin city? All are a hoax!
As for me...I am the son of my Father...and in my family.....We don't support nonsense

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