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Opinion: To INEC - Request for Online Registration on issues of Transfer and so on.

Walk The Talk...Walk The Talk...Walk The Talk They Say.

It gives me joy to see Nigerians come out in mass for their PVC registration, it shows we truly want the best for her country.

However to INEC Nigeria this is my observation as well as advice: "Is there any way we can bring up an Online registration for the following:
1. Transferring of polling unit
2. Changing of Information
3. Request replacement for lost/defaced cards etc.

So we can have only the appearance of fresh Nigerians who haven't registered at all in registration centres, this will make the crowd, noise, fight as well as argument an all at the registration centre reduce drastically.

In case the aforementioned suggestion looks impossible then i'll say you employ more people as officials/staff to all centres, at least we have numbers of unemployed youth across Nigeria and i'm certain will meet the requirements.

The crowd are getting much and the turn out seems low.

Furthermore, i'll like to quickly give kudos to INEC for extending the registration by two weeks, with that, i sense a whole lot will be covered, and I urge anyone who haven't register to please do so within the stipulated time as that is the first thing to show your eligibility as Nigerians.

Ultimately, Mobilisation and massive PVC awareness is still ongoing by the ACTIVE CITIZENS, don't forget to discuss with us any challenge or difficulty faced during the course of the registration so we can channel to the right source.

Attached is the complains/enquires and pictures of Nigerians whom we have mobilise to register.

Jackson Adewale Ayika is my name and i'm a proud Active Citizen.

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