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Commentary: Ambode is a loner, Tinubu still holds the Ace

Tinubu still holds the ace in Lagos. Believe

Ambode's story is different from Fashola. For Fashola, everyone loved him and wanted a second term for him, so Tinubu had no choice.

But for Ambode, he is a loner. Every structure that helped to actualize his dream was disregarded, disrespected and discarded. No one gets close to him except his anointed. The entire civil service, of which he was a product, hates and fears him. He sacks at will. He claims he wants to sanitize the system. Good. But his deeds are contrary to his claims. He has his favoured ones who he allows to steal with impunity.

I fear that his second term might be worse as he won't need anyone again. He was quick to eraze Fashola's modest achievements. If opposition had won Lagos, it couldn't have been worse. If you want to incur his wrath, mention Fashola and you are a goner! Why? The guy might be brilliant, but he has clearly shown that he is not intelligent. I wonder who his strategists are.

If the system does not throw him up as the candidate of the APC, he should just forget his ambition. If he thinks he can actualise his dream by joining another party, he will fail. He has no support base. Let the paper tigers be writing, the voting public still holds the ace. And they are still solidly behind Tinubu. I wish Ambode good luck.

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