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The great Dr Myles Munroe obviously drove humanity deeper in leadership philosophy when he said "Every human is born a leader but they must become a leader"

This is apparently true when we peruse a tutorial paper on a leadership philosophy delivered by Saint Innocent of Workman International fellowship at the Workman leadership college like this:

(1) Politicians thinks about next Election but True leaders thinks about next Generation

(2) Politicians struggle for Power but True leader manifest Potentials

(3) Politicians pursue followers but followers are naturally attracted to True leaders

(4) Politicians are externally induced and are motivated by Ambition but True leaders are internally induced, they are motivated by Vision

(5) Politicians pursue Power but True Leaders pursue Purpose

(6) The priority of the politician is to master the use of other people but the priority of a True Leaders is to master the use of self for others

(7) Politicians see money as a vehicle to power but True leaders see finding the meaning of life as the best vehicle to power

(8) Politicians love power but True leaders love  Principles and integrity

(9) Politicians sees position as the measure of power but True leaders see attitude and character as the measure of power

(10) Politicians lives by the opinions of others but True leaders lives by the inspirations of their vision

(11) The goal of the Politicians is to produce followers but the goal of True leaders is to produce leaders

(12) Politicians Authority comes from the people but True leaders Authority comes from their birthrights in creators creation

So,do not think to be politician, you are a common man but think to be a True leader, you are the greater man

by Workmanteachers

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