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Superstar Maxi finally in a serious relationship

A lot has been said on social media about the alleged love triangle between afro good singer superstar Maxi".

The man who goes by name "Kazeem Abidoye", a Port Harcourt born and bred musician popularly known as Maxi Kabiesi.  But no one really knows how the trio actually met. 

In a chat, she traced the genesis of their relationship. “I met Superstar "Maxi" performing at an event centre. 

I deeply Plummet in love with his hit single "Chocomilo" which blow my mind  and soul. 

From that day I was a fan of his music, seriously hoping to see him one on one. I didn’t even know I will met him once again at De Planet Port Harcourt show I was invited, my love, my heart  blow my heart with another good performance with his new hit songs titled " My Heart" and "Doingz". From there, I hooked up looking for a way to met him keeping my eyes open, finally I caught his lips with a sweet and wonderful kiss.

Wa oo! Superstar Maxi is romantic, I can't miss his kiss. I love him but I never knows his mind towards me.

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