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Why PDP Senators are unhappy with Buhari's Social Investment Programmes

Truth is, Nigerians and more Nigerians have continued to hail the Buhari administration's well-throughout resolve to meaningfully empower Nigerians through its Social Investment Programmes which have earned her accolades from within and outside Nigeria.

But the PDP is not happy that ordinary Nigerians are bidding farewell to extreme poverty courtesy of the SIP. The party is sad that the Federal government is addressing the needs of our fellow countrymen and women. The party is never used to empowering the poor.

~PDP lawmakers are not happy because for the very first time the poor people are being factored into the distribution of our commonwealth through the SIP.

~ PDP lawmakers are not pleased because monies that would have ended up in their pockets were invested into the Buhari administration's Social Investment Programmes.

~PDP lawmakers are sad because the Federal government chose to be thorough and unbiased in the implementation of the Social Investment Programmes.

~ PDP lawmakers are angry because slots for would-be beneficiaries of various SIP schemes weren't alloted to anyone, not even heads of the implementing bodies.

~ PDP lawmakers are disgruntled because all SIP beneficiaries are selected via transparent means and not based on connections.

~ PDP lawmakers are sad because the Buhari SIP scheme didn't fail like the SURE-P programme of the previous government which was meant for the families and friends of top government functionaries.

~Senator Abiodun Olujimi's claims that SIP beneficiaries are selected based on party affiliation and connections are unfounded and baseless.

~The SIP is not only lifting Nigerians out of poverty but clearly addresses the core issues that confront the common man.

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