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The long awaited change will come when we learn to Celebrate Virtues over Valour.

When we learn to Celebrate Morals over Money.

When we are able to identify with Principles above Persons.

When we can appreciate Conscience above Competence.

When we place Courage above Courtesy.

When we know how to Celebrate Ethics above Ethnicity.

When we know how to place Worth above Wealth.

When we learn how to respect Purpose above Power.

When we know how to differentiate between Religion and Reality.

This long awaited Change will come for Nigeria when we can differentiate between

Good Will of God for Humanity which demands response to God's Love and Mercy,


Permissive Will of God that demands personal responsibility from Humanity


Perfect Will of God that gets God committed to Humanity

A New Nigeria is Emerging!

A New Nigeria is Possible!

A New Nigeria is Evolving!

A New Nigeria is Waiting for You!

Proudly Yours
@Christ Expense
Pastor Fowowe Olakunle.

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