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Temi Badmus

Understand some signs cum questions from your girl/woman.

When she asks you......

# Can I call you at anytime?...
She simply means:
"are you married"?

# Can you drive??
She is asking" Do you own a car?

# Someone is asking for my hand in marriage..
She is asking. " When are you coming to see my parents?

# I hope someone won't break my head ooo
She is asking " If you have a girlfriend..

# Am using free mode...
It means " Can you send me data?

# I want you to love me for who I am"
She doesn't like sharing.

# Do you stay in your family house?
She is asking if you stay alone?

# Can you date without sex? 
She is asking if you like sex too much...

# Darling, my girlfriend has been taken ooo.
She wants to know your reaction about marriage...

# I hate you joor....
She just want you to tell her " I love you so much..

# If she stops calling...
She wants to know how serious you are.

# My normal visitor. 
She is in her period...

# Why do you love me?
She wants to hear good things about herself.

# Is that all you have to say?
She wants you to accept your fault...

# I'm not happy with you joor"
She just need petting....

# Can't you see I'm here?
She wants attention....

# You're not romantic joor..
She wants to rest in your arms..

Nwanne, my guy, dude,  keep petting her, she may fix an appointment with you and intentionally disappoint you...
She just want to test your patience.

# Have you eating? 
If in the night, she is being caring. But if in the day, when you are with her, she wants you to buy food for her, she is hungry.

# I don't have airtime, that's why I have not call you.
She wants you to buy her airtime.

# Have you taken your bath? 
She wants you to go and bath or to be always neat.

# Are you in the office?
She wants to know if you're working.

Now note

If she stops complaining; you're about to lose her..

When a woman is in love she loves with everything in her.

Though some of them are bad, big temptations, troublesome, etc, some are equally very nice, lovely, good as better half, have good luck, industrious, etc.

Pet her, don't beat her, be there for her, don't be far from her.

Finally, do not compare her with another lady, individual differences will always prove that some are extroverts, some are introverts, we even have ambiverts (not in the dictionary).

From, Antiquity without iniquitous iniquity cum inimical indignity.
Rotarian Antiquity Prince A.A.A.
{A prolific writer, Certified Journalist, An Anchor, An Author of five books}.

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