Hakimist in Marriage or Christian in Marriage?

Hakimist in Marriage or Christian in Marriage?

So, the internet went agog with the mighty and smart footballer whose ‘wisdom’ has strengthened the quiet and unspoken perspectives of many men towards women in marriage.

This perspective, I have chosen to name it Hakimisionism in honour of the ‘great’ Moroccan, Hakimi Achraf.


Hakimisionism is the act of having plan B (should in case your marriage crashes).

Hakimisionism is the very belief that one’s wife will eventually betray one.

Hakimisionism is the precautionary motive that’s put in place in order to lessen the effects of divorce when demanded from one’s wife.

Hakimisionism is the absence of faith that divorce cannot be a reality in one’s marriage.

Hakimisionism is putting strategies in place to cushion the effect of the pains of the divorce.

Hakimisionism is the expectation that a marriage might not last for a lifetime and as such, one needs to prepare for it inorder not to experience excessive pains when the divorce eventually happens!

Hakimisionism is the expectation and belief that a marriage cannot last and as such, you shouldn’t trust your partner 100%.

Well, if you’ve chosen to be an Hakimist in marriage, good for you but if you are a Christian, you shouldn’t be an Hakimist!


Christians in Marriage do not expect their marriage to fail.

Christian in Marriage genuinely leave their parents house to buid a new family.

Christians in Marriage do not have a plan B.

Christians in Marriage don’t go into marriage with someone they cannot trust their destiny with.

Christian in Marriage do not hide secrets from each other!

Christians in Marriage are one with their partner and do not have cause to share a crucial decision of their lives with anybody until they share it with their partner!

Hakimist in Marriage or Christian in Marriage?
Hakimist in Marriage or Christian in Marriage?

We may cheer the unbeliever on when he strongly supports Hakimisionism but if you are a Christian, take a moment and brood over the decision of Hakimi if it was in line with the word of God!

And by the way, you can’t expect a marriage not to work and it will work! Hakimi may be ‘right’ but his decision is far from edification!

So, quit promoting this Hakimisionism.


Your marriage will work. Mine will work. We will be deliberate about getting it right. If we’ve not left our parents house mentally and spiritually, we will not consider get married.

Women can be trusted. Men can be trusted too! Don’t expect betrayal to happen! If God has given your spouse to you, believe Him enough to keep you till the end!


If you are not a Christian, I’ve not written to you. Don’t even bother sharing your thoughts here. Whatever you chose to believe regarding this issue, you are right.

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