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Anambra 2021: Senator Ifeanyi Ubah’s Boys Go After Smart Okafor

Anambra 2021: Senator Ifeanyi Ubah's Boys Go After Smart Okafor

Senator Ifeanyi Ubah’s Boys Go On Rampage After Smart Okafor’s Governorship Aspiration Was Made Known.

Online political thuggery has eaten deep into the Nigerian political space that it has made social media engagement seem like a process you can successfully engage in if you are ready to act without any form of decency.

Anambra 2021: Senator Ifeanyi Ubah's Boys Go After Smart Okafor
Anambra 2021: Senator Ifeanyi Ubah’s Boys Go After Smart Okafor

This Political sycophancy which was hitherto seen on our streets and parks has been brought to the internet by political associates of Politicians and these elements have taken it a step higher by going for the perceived opponents of their principals, outside the rule of engagement.

Sad indeed!

Senator Ifeanyi Ubah, who is contesting to rule Anambra state is someone I have known from a distant and I respect him as my senator and as a big man from my great town, but unfortunatly, it appears as if he has been surrounded by young poeple that have taken political sycophancy abit too far.

The facebook posts that acknowledged the intention of Smart Nonso Okafor to serve Anambra state as the Governor, has attracted alot of goodwill from the young and old people , however, it also attracted some bitter youths who rather than engage the post with class and decency, threw caution to wind by fabricating lies and propapaganda under the same posts made by Smart’s supporters.

Young folks in the political space ought to imbibe class and decency in their engagements, most especially political engagements.

However, what we have witnessed the past few days has been shocking, these people peddle lies and propaganda against the young Anambra law maker, when you ask them to substantiate it, they go mute.

A state that Produced produced Chuba Okadigbo, Chinua Achebe, Odumegwu Ojukwu, Chimamanda Adichie, Dozie Ikedife and many more, should not be ridiculed in this form.

If they must decampaign any aspirant, then the discuss should be classy and intellectual but rather, they lie, lie and lie ; then they tag the Senator to their lies.

What a shame!

Its obvious they are in sycophancy contest among themselves but i’m very certian that the good Senator didn’t expressly tell them to go and start tarnishing Smart or anybody’s Image.

Umunnem, the best way to show your solidarity to the Senator is by telling us why we should support his aspirations, highlight his antecedents and factual achievments; not talking down on his younger brother who has done nothing but declare his intention to serve in the capacity of a Governor of our state.

I urge the Senator to teach some his overzealous supporters how to sell his candidature with class and to also shun the tendency of “hook or crook”.

Ndi Anambra, be happy, the new dawn is here. We are not cursed neither are we the cause, just be rest assured that #SmartGovernance is coming.

Ogemdi Udegbunam

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