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A Good Governance, Human Rights and Social Justice Advocacy Group, Youth Advocates for Peace, Justice and Empowerment Network (YAPJEN) on Monday 24th June, carried out a walk against suicide in Anambra State.


The Sensitization and walk which has as its theme #inspirehope #stopsuicide began from Nnamdi Azikiwe University School gate Ifite through to Arroma Junction and Government House Awka in the state capital, the advocacy group who all came out en masse to raise the awareness for the sudden increase in the rate of suicide, amongst the Nigerian Youths, sensitized and educated the citizens against giving in to Depression and why reasons to aspire for Greatness, and holding their dreams at high esteem.


Briefing newsmen at the event, Amb Timothy Nwachukwu, the Peoples Advocate and the Executive Director of Youth Advocates For Peace Justice And Empowerment Network (YAPJEN), told Youths not to give up on their dreams and condemned the act of young people taking their own life.


“Suicide is not an option, don’t allow depression to ruin your dreams, the nation needs you, your family loves you, suicide is not an option,” the Ambassador said.


He identified depression and frustration as some of the reasons why young people take their life. He recounted that over 13 young people and 42 others have taken to suicide in the last six months in Nigeria. He further called on the Government to provide certificate backed loans to jobless Undergraduates, promote sporting activities that will discourage suicidal attempts, create jobs, provide basic amenities and other essential facilities to make life meaningful for the average Nigerian.

Also speaking, Advocate Udochukwu Ofomata, the P.R.O of YAPJEN, reiterated Youths not to give up on their dreams, say no to depression and live their dreams.


Ofomata says, “Our message is very clear. The Youths should say no to depression and stand up to live their dreams.”

He further called on the Government to have a dedicated phone line for the depressed and a counseling center in designated places across the country; end hunger, provide certificate bagged loans, and reduce tuition fees and the cost of education for the poor. Sporting activities should also be promoted and other activities geared towards the development of the Nigerian youth.


Also, Amb Ifesinachi Sabina Okonkwo, the Director of Finance of YAPJEN and other members of the group, well meaning Nigerians and the Youths also expressed their optimism for a better tomorrow and a great future.


The rate of suicide in the nation has become unbearable as to the least provocation and annoyance, people resort in taking their lives in a bid to end their pains. The statistics of suicide has thus increased, therefore the calling for attention and seeking redress. One of which is the act where young people now take liquid contents (Sniper) to end their life – 11 students and 31 others have been recorded to committed suicide in one month only.


Amb.  Okonkwo said that posterity will be kind to YAPJEN for their efforts in making positive impacts amongst the youths and for aiding the Government in providing a sustainable environment, where everyone can make progress relatively, ensuring a peaceful coexistence amongst Nigerians.

Also speaking to newsmen, Rotr. Solomon Nwojiji, President of Rotaract Unizik and Comrade Collins the SDG Unizik Coordinator called on the relevant Agencies of the state government to rise to the occasion and stem the growing rate of suicide prevalent among the youths.


YAPJEN Is a human right, good governance, social justice, information sharing, research and capacity building advocacy Organization registered with Corporate Affairs Commission Abuja.


The group was founded by Amb. Timothy Nwachukwu who also serves as her Chairman, board of Trustees, on the premise of promoting human rights, alleviating poverty, promoting peaceful societies, providing justice for all and can be reached via 08097311499 and [email protected] for any suicide case.

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