Angelina Jolie ’s ‘Bad’ Hair Extensions goes viral

Angelina Jolie ’s ‘Bad’ Hair Extensions goes viral

A resurfaced video of Angelina Jolie at the Eternals premiere for the Rome Film Fest has gone viral, with some fans “shocked” and “appalled” at the hair extensions that the Oscar winner wore to the event.

While the Maleficient star had impeccable makeup and certainly stunned in a strapless, silver Atelier Versace gown, it was her ‘do that had everyone talking.


Recently, Instagram user @samihairmagic uploaded a clip of Jolie strutting down that red carpet, with the ends of her hair completely visible, and her extensions fairly obvious with the bright lighting.

The fan wrote in the post caption: “clearly her hairstylist is a Jennifer Aniston fan” with a laughing/ crying emoji. “No but seriously… wtf is up with those extensions!!!???” the user continued.


Jolie’s long, straight brunette tresses were parted in the center and worn down for the 2021 event. Her real hair length appeared to end at the middle of her back, although the extensions went down to her hips. More fans headed to the post comment section to share their thoughts.

“Is this for real?? And someone let her go out like that??” one wrote as another added that the real locks and extensions weren’t “even the same color.”

Angelina Jolie’s ‘Bad’ Hair Extensions goes viral

Commenters kept referencing the purported feud between Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, who had been married to Brad Pitt before he and his Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-star even started a relationship.


After Jolie’s red carpet hair mishap, an expert spoke with Page Six about what might have gone wrong, styling-wise.

Angelina Jolie ’s ‘Bad’ Hair Extensions goes viral
Angelina Jolie ’s ‘Bad’ Hair Extensions goes viral

Priscilla Valles, an authority on hair extensions (whose clients include Christina Aguilera, Hailey Bieber, Megan Fox, and the Kardashian-Jenners) blamed Jolie’s beauty blunder on the inappropriate density and placement of her extensions.

“What went wrong with this look is that there are not enough extensions, and they are not high up,” she told the outlet, stressing that the perfect installation requires “first putting [extensions] on top, and then building them up and making sure there is enough in so you don’t see a demarcation line, which you see clear as day with Angelina.”

A swift cut can also help merge extensions in a way that makes it look like they are a part of the real hair, according to the expert, resulting in an alluring length without being misbalanced.


“If someone has a really blunt cut, use thinning shears to barely hit the ends to break up that line — or hold the hair up to chip in some layers to get rid of the blunt end,” Valles continued.


“The thinner the ends are, the better the hair blends together.” Valles concluded that the difference between Jolie’s real hair and extensions was made more apparent by a bad color match (or lack thereof).

“Even if you have the right amount of extensions in and build them properly, the color being off ruins the entire look,” Valles noted. “The ends should always be half a shade lighter, the way hair would naturally be from root to end.”

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