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Arabic and Bible, Is The Content Different? (A must read)

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Arabic and Bible, Is The Content Different? (A must read)

There are more Christians in Palestine than Israel. Their vernacular is Arabic.


There are more Israelis who are Muslims than those who are Christians. And they also study in Arabic inside Israel.


The population of Palestine is 12 million. 7 percent [approximately 840,000 of them] are Christians.

In contrast, Israel population is 8.5million. Only 2 percent of Israelis, [approximately  171,000] are Christians while 17.5 percent  of Israelis, [approximately 1.5m], are Muslims.


Now let me further break it down. Most of the 840,000 Palestinian Christians speak Arabic as their vernacular. Most don’t speak or understand English.


Their Holy Bible is written in Arabic language.


In the Arabic Bible, God is called Allah. That is how God is called in Arabic language. Same way the Yoruba Bible calls God “Oloun.”


If they want to say “God is great”, they also say “Allah Akbar.”

If they want to say “Glory to God” they say “Alhamdulilahi.”


Their preachers preach to them every Sunday in their churches in their vernacular, which is Arabic. Just like the Catholic Pope preaches in Latin. Sunday services in many parts of Egypt too are conducted in Arabic because that is their native language.


Don’t let the fear mongers continue to spread fear and sow discord among us.


Those saddled with the task of uniting us have become instruments of division.


Arabic is not Islam and Islam is not Arabic. One is a language, the other is a religion.


Arabic is a language like English, like French, like German, like Spanish, like Hindi, like Yoruba, Hausa and Ibo. It is not a religion.

So if you like another man’s English language and claim to hate another man’s Arabic language because most Muslims speak Arabic, my friend, you are simply a slave of accidental  civilization.


But why was the Arabic language controversy imputed by jamb office creating controversy in Nigeria?


The answer is found in the submission of Workman Prayer Network, a faith based organization defending the rights of Christians globally.


Workman noted “When leadership is not sensitive to the dept of religion division and ethnic chauvinism amongst the federating unite of a nation, they innocently make the mistake made by jamb office of Nigeria using Arabic as a demo examination question in an exam Christians are involved who don’t speak or write Arabic language.


Knowing whatever you do in a religious polarised country will have to pass transparency test of religion biases or a litmus test of ethnic malaise.

The jamb office may  have meant well but they obviously failed the religion transparency text.


Jamb office has clarify the issues and we wish that Christians to believed there was no other ulterior motives as  over 75% of that examination papers and centres has Christians at the Herm’s of affairs and in fact the software was designed by a Christian and the examination questions set and supervised by a deacon of one of the biggest churches in Nigeria working with jamb.


We urge Nigerians to grow above religion division to embrace kingdom agenda for the country and continent of Africa.


The opposite of religion is the kingdom of God.


Therefore, we are all progressing in religion failures when we criticized issue on the bases of religion biases instead of  speaking on issues with kingdom mind.


We observed that,bad religion activities in the country is preparing a progressive ground for the destruction of what hold us together as humanity,the fight is coming so fast except interrupted by God.

Workman leadership concluded by saying, Love ,Truth and Peace are the foundation of a true religion. Let embrace it unequivocally.


Forward to both Muslims and Christians and Others

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