Asa: Parents can discipline but they don’t know what their kids are doing

Asa, a popular Nigerian musician was in an interview session with Korty and she revealed some of the things she did when she was young.


Asa was asked to talk about her childhood and she said “for me childhood was really alone, it was just me, my dreams, my fantasies and my world. I remember when I was exactly 17, that was when I was smoking, I was having my last stick of cigarettes because my parents didn’t know I smoked, and of course there is discipline, parents can discipline but they don’t know what their kids are doing.

Asa: I was Smoking Cigarettes at 17 and my Parents didn’t Know

”But I had to call myself at 17 and said now you need to stop this. I always looked at myself that yes I would be a star so Don’t do this, don’t do that, don’t be caught doing this, that’s the kind of hunger I want to go back to”.


Korty asked Asa if she is religious, and Asa said “no, but i swear to God, I had even tried to become born again and become the president of the born again association, I knew I wasn’t genuine. I am not religious because maybe I don’t have enough understanding or maybe the understanding I have is that God has given us everything we need. I have always listened to the voice inside my head and it has never misled me”.


Asa mentioned that she believes in love, although she has never been heart broken. She said she is a happy person and see doesn’t need much for her to be happy.


She also mentioned that the bad habit she has is procrastination and she is the queen of procrastination and she only procrastinate when she wants to write.


On friendship, Aṣa made it known that she couldn’t invest in people, that is practically the reason why she doesn’t have a lot of friends.


She went on further, by saying, ‘not investing in people brings fewer disappointments.”

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