BigBrother Naija Update: Lucy and Brighto have told so many lies

BigBrother Naija Update: Lucy and Brighto have told so many lies

Lucy and Brighto have told so many lies: While honesty is always the best policy, sometimes the urge to lie ends up getting the best of us. Whether you’re caught fibbing about your age or lying about getting a sexually transmitted disease, lies come in all shapes and sizes. Everyone knows that feeling when you just have something you need to get off your chest which can be such a huge burden if it’s not being lifted.

Except Lucy and Brighto who probably have or (haven’t) told so many lies that they can’t seem to remember any, these Housemates have been caught in a web lie and with some, the web just got too small to hold their lies.

BigBrother Naija Update: Lucy and Brighto have told so many lies

We asked the Lockdown Housemates to tell us the weirdest lies they told before being locked down and here are the hilarious fibs we heard:


The cryptic birth story

Being given birth to in an airplane is probably what Kiasha dreamt of while growing up and while it’s something we’ve all read in a book or watched in a movie, this Lockdown Housemate thought it would be cool to have this lie in her autobiography.

Virgins or nah?

What happens when a lie doesn’t get you the attention you want? Well, that’s one question for Eric after lying to be a virgin to win him some points in getting a girl fall for him… but it did not work. As for Tochi, lying about his status was just something he did for fun, or so we think.


What’s that buzz?

Dorathy was once caught with a vibrator and in order to lie her way out of it, she lied to her sister that it was a face massage tool. Now, how did that conversation go Dorathy? What’s your status?

BigBrother Naija Update: Lucy and Brighto have told so many lies

While sharing your HIV-positive status with your sexual partner can be a difficult decision to make, Erica thought lying about it would even be funnier. It didn’t just end there, she said she did that to make him scared and extra worried and she achieved just that. What crime could the poor boy have committed to deserve that?

Love is always in the air… literally

When his ex-girl once asked where he was, Kiddwaya lied that he was home when in fact, he was on his way to catch a flight to see her that day. Some lies just don’t sound like lies especially when it comes to matters of the heart.


Royal lies

Tolanibaj must have spent a lot of time watching Cinderella, the princess and the frog and frozen for her to have lied while in still living in America that she was a queen who lived in a palace in Nigeria.


Love, sex and more lies

Saying “I love you” while having a sexual or intimate moment with someone seems like a sacred thing to do… or maybe not, seeing that Ka3na conveniently once told this lie. Things we do for love?

For Laycon lying that he prematurely ejaculated in his pants may have caused him his reputation but it sure achieved his purpose of not getting intimate with her.

BigBrother Naija Update: Lucy and Brighto have told so many lies

For some weird reason, Trikytee once lied to anyone that cared to listen that he was born in the United States of America and on this same table of weird lies, Nengi lied to her classmates in primary school that her elder sister was her nanny and Ozo climbed through a lie by telling his friends in primary school that he had been to the “Great wall in China”. Whatever stays in primary school stays in primary school, right?

The main lesson here? The Lockdown Housemates definitely suck at lying.

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