Comfortable Thongs for Working Out, Walking Around and Generally Living

Thongs are nothing but sleek and minimal underwear for women that does not contain too much fabric. We used to think the idea of finding the most comfortable thongs a sort of moot point. After all, underwear that’s specifically designed to give you a wedgie can’t possibly be comfortable, can it? Turns out, we were wrong. It is indeed possible to make a thong that’s comfortable enough to wear all day long, even if that day includes a run in the park, hot yoga session or simply walking around town.


Thongs makes sure there are no visible panty lines and saves you from embarrassment. Thongs are really sexy with almost no rear coverage. Thongs enhances your sex appeal, personal comfort and make you feel super sexy, no matter what you wear over it.


Case in point, below are all-stars thong recommended by PureWow editors, internet reviewers and Instagram friends alike. Read on to learn more about our top picks for the most comfortable thong for any budget, body type or activity.

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Comfortable Thongs for Working Out, Walking Around and Generally Living

Negative Cotton Thong (Best Cotton Thong)

Cotton is often recommended as the best underwear material because it is breathable, gentle on the skin and absorbent, making it excellent at preventing yeast infections. A good Negative thong is made of a cotton-elastane blend to better conform to your curves, but with a gusset (the extra fabric right under your privates) that’s 100-percent cotton to really make sure you stay comfortable all day long. And unlike many cotton designs, these won’t shrink in the wash.


SKIMS Fits Everybody Thong (Biggest Range of Nude Shades)

Kim Kardashian’s underwear line SKIMS has developed something of a cult following both because of its impressive range of nude shades and because its designs are incredibly comfortable and made with high-quality materials that last well through heavy washing. There are nine core nude color options, plus multiple seasonal options that could function as neutral “nude” hues. There are also a few different thong styles to choose from, but our favorite is the Fits Everybody Thong for two main reasons.

First, the super-stretchy material and wider hip band conform to and help smooth your hips without digging in. Second, that stretchy material is buttery soft, as noted by almost all of the 800-plus reviewers, and is fantastic at wicking away excess moisture even on the hottest, most humid summer days.

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Aerie Lace Thong

You can’t go wrong with any of Aerie’s thong styles. There are a handful of funky patterns and bright colors that will make you smile every time you open your underwear drawer, but there are also neutral hues that may function better under light-colored jeans or leggings. The lace band stretches to fit your curves rather than digging in at the waist and adds a super fun touch that almost makes these feel like lingerie. There is also the cotton gusset, and despite that delicate lace they hold up super well even when tossed in with the rest of your laundry (though you should be wary of stray zippers).


Tommy John Air Mesh Thong (Most Splurge-Worthy)

The Tommy John style is specifically great for workouts, humid summer days or anyone who runs hot and is tired of dealing with a, let’s say, swampy situation down there. The Air Mesh material really lives up to the name and is both quick-drying and anti-microbial to ensure your nethers don’t feel swampy or gross and to help prevent yeast infections that would otherwise thrive. (However, the gusset is made from cotton to reap those benefits as well.) And while these are some of the best workout thongs on the market, the anti-VPL design makes them an excellent pick for regular everyday wear as well. Some reviewers suggest going up a size for maximum comfort.


Boody Lyolyte G-String (Best Eco-Friendly Option)

Boody is all about crafting comfortable, long-lasting basics in a sustainable, eco-friendly manner, and this includes the brand’s super comfy Lyolyte G-String. The proprietary Lyolyte fabric is made from organic bamboo that uses a lyocell production process, which basically means it is a closed-loop system that is able to recover and reuse more than 99 percent of the solvent (AKA the chemical stuff). That soft bamboo fabric combined with a no-turn-back elastic waistband comes together to make one ultra-comfy, wedgie-proof thong that’s good for your wardrobe and the environment. Nona writes, “I don’t usually wear thongs, but Boody thongs are amazing! I tried this style for the first time, and I like it a lot. The fabric is divinely soft and everything stays in place.” And Michelle F. notes “they have a very comfy waistband that doesn’t roll or squeeze. Highly recommend!”

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Knickey High-Rise Thong (Best High-Rise Thong)

For those who want a no-show cut in the back and extra support in the tummy/hips, we recommend Knickey’s high-rise thong. It is made almost entirely of organic cotton, with a little bit of elastane in there for extra stretch, and has a French leg cut which comes up a bit higher on the hip. Reviewers rave about the high-quality materials, which handle machine-washing well and won’t thin out or tear at the waistband like lesser cotton panties might. PureWow editor Dara K. has basically swapped out her whole top drawer for Knickey’s sustainably-made undies, saying “Even though they recommend line-drying, I’ve been machine washing and drying these pairs for months and they still look like they just popped out of the recycled box they were shipped in.” As for the high-rise thong, specifically, Olivia J. says, “They are comfortable, soft and breathable, and the high-rise pair makes me feel comfy and covered while also feeling sexy and classy.” What more could a gal want?


Lively The No Show Thong (Best Low-Rise Thong)

On the other end of the rise spectrum is Lively’s No-Show thong, which sits low enough on the hips to avoid any whale tail situation, even if you’re wearing a throwback pair of low-rise jeans. The risk with low-rise thongs is that they all too often ride up in back, but Lively’s nylon-spandex design is stretchy enough to conform to and move with your body to avoid wedgies or pinching at the hips. Victoria, one of 145 five-star reviewers, says, “I always thought thongs just weren’t meant to be comfortable. They were more just for seamless looks. But this thong is so comfy! The fabric is extremely soft and it stays in place well.” As for durability, Chris has been sporting her Lively No-Show thongs for going on five years now with no tears, rips or thinning. “These thongs don’t quit!!! After [five years of] use and endless rough wash cycles, my original pairs are still just like new.”


Pepper Seamless Thong (Best Seamless Design)

For a truly seamless look you can wear under bodycon silhouettes or super-slinky dresses, there are few options better than Pepper. While the lingerie brand may specialize in bras for small boobs, its underwear goes up to a size XL (US 14). Its seamless thong, unlike other brands, won’t roll or fold down at the top, nor will it sag or gape after multiple wears. There are very few nude shades, but on the flip side Pepper has plenty of cute non-neutral hues like cherry red or the lavender above. Tracy G. says, “I have never liked wearing thongs because they always annoyed me, but this one is so comfortable I feel like I don’t even have it on!” And Zoë R. confirms you really, truly won’t have any VPL. “I basically only wear thongs, but these are my top choice for anything bodycon. I even wore them under my rehearsal dinner dress, which was a white silk slip dress.”


Hanky Panky Daily Lace Thong (Best Lace Thong)

Hanky Panky signature lace thongs come in one size that fits approximately a US 4 through 14 thanks to a super-stretchy lace band. (There is also a plus-size version which fits approximately sizes 14 through 24.) And indeed, the band is really impressive for its ability to stretch without digging in or becoming itchy. Riz Z., who wears a size 14 says, “My weight has fluctuated a bit during the pandemic, and times when I have been over a size 14, I’d say my Hanky Pankys were definitely too snug to be considered comfortable. But up to a 14 they really are incredibly comfortable and don’t cut into my hips at all.” Plus, the all-over lace makes these feel special, even though they’re billed as an everyday pair of undies. The gusset is also made from 100-percent Supima cotton, and there are both high- and low-rise versions in addition to the OG mid-rise above.

Aerie Cotton String Thong (Best G-String)

For the tried-and-true minimalist, Aerie’s string thong is barely there in all the best ways. These panties are made from lightweight, breathable cotton with an elastic waistband that’s guaranteed to lay flat for a smoother overall look. And the back features a small spot of lace to give these a flirty, fun touch that still fits in with the minimalist vibes.

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Lots of reviewers mention how flattering these are, and that they run true-to-size without risk of the elastic cutting in at the waist. Mimi M. writes, “I chose these when looking specifically for cotton underwear, and the simple design caught my eye. They’re so comfortable it really feels like wearing nothing. The little lace detail at the back is a nice hint of sexiness for otherwise straightforward minimalist underwear, and not at all scratchy, as I worried it would be.” And for under $10, these cotton thongs are worth stocking up on in every color and pattern.


Victoria’s Secret Pink No-Show Thong (Most Fun Color Options)

For this thong, there are currently a whopping 37 options, some of which feature lace sides and others that are made from recycled materials, including multiple nude shades and all with the promise of a smooth silhouette free from panty lines. PureWow editor Liv D. says these are ideal for wearing under leggings to avoid VPL, “and great just in general because they’re oh-so comfy.” Indeed, the near-seamless construction and super-thin material means they all but disappear under your clothes. And despite not having a cotton gusset, the material is phenomenal at wicking away sweat and dries super quickly to ensure you stay cool and dry where it counts.


GAP Breathe Thong

This jersey thong is so lightweight, you’ll almost forget you have underwear on at all. The material is incredibly breathable and wicks away excess moisture, making it a great pick for both working out and hot summer days. And the fact that it’s incredibly stretchy means you can adjust the sides to fit exactly where you like (low around the hips or higher up for an ‘80s French cut) without fear of them ever cutting into your skin.

There are more than 560 five-star reviews to read through, most of which rave about the lightweight feel and impressive breathability. And while most folks say they run true to size, if you’re between sizes we suggest going with the smaller. Our one complaint? There are very few color options—gray, light blue, black and beige—and only one shade that could be considered nude.


Commando Classic Solid Thong

This no-show, seamless thong is a major favorite among celebrities and stylists alike. “If you’ve ever wondered what the stars on the red carpet were wearing underneath those sheer, unforgiving gowns, the answer is almost certainly a pair of Commandos,” says costume designer Alison Freer. The reason? They’re supremely lightweight, come in multiple nude shades and are entirely seamless, so they’ll practically disappear under anything and everything. The microfiber blend material will keep you cool and comfortable and is super-stretchy, yet able to maintain its shape well even after lots of wears/washes. It’s also Oeko-Tex 100 certified, for an added eco-friendly boost. However, because there is no cotton in the design, we don’t necessarily suggest wearing these seven days a week and find they’re better saved for those moments when you want to ensure your undies are 100-percent invisible under a special dress or outfit.


Parade Sport+ Thong (Best for Running)

PureWow editor Catrina Y. is a fitness fanatic, bouncing between cycling classes, lifting sessions and outdoor runs. And through all of it she recommends Parade’s Sport+ thongs for a comfortable workout free from visible panty lines. “They won’t bunch or slip and I literally forget they’re there.” They’re also made from recycled materials with superior sweat-wicking capabilities, and feature an organic cotton gusset. Another fan of the brand, Jay S. adds, “These are fantastic for the gym! I always have problems with seamless styles because the waist band rolls and creates lines, and the crotch area gets all bunched up and moves around with certain exercises. But these don’t roll or bunch at all! I wore them to the gym and didn’t have to adjust one time, even with squats! The material actually feels like leggings, slightly thicker than other seamless styles.” And while some reviewers suggest sizing up, most say they run true to size. The only downside appears to be that Parade currently only offers two colors, black and bright yellow.


Lululemon UnderEase Mid-Rise Thong (Best for Yoga)

You may hope to twist yourself into pretzel in your next yoga sesh, but you certainly don’t want the same from your underwear. This super-breathable, sweat-wicking design by lululemon will stay put even as you contort yourself into the most advanced moves. Of course, they’d also work just as well for other workouts—cycling, lifting, running—but a slightly more generous cut in the crotch makes these a particularly good choice for the wide range of motion yoga requires. We also love that they come in only neutral hues to better fit a wider range of skin tones and to better disappear under lightly-colored leggings. Reviewers highly suggest washing these in a mesh laundry bag or by hand to ensure they last, but with a little TLC they should hold hope well even through a rigorous training season.


Proof Leakproof Thong (Best Leakproof Pair)

Finding period-proof thongs is no easy feat, but Proof’s design is definitely one of the best around. The gusset has the same absorbency as one regular-size tampon, which may not be enough to see you through the entire day, but is great for workouts or special occasions when a thong is required for just a few hours. And if you combine these leakproof undies with regular tampon use, it’s sure to keep you comfortable for hours on end with no fear of little red splotches getting through. Rebecca L. says, “I always used to have leaks and spills whenever I would go upside down in yoga, and these completely stop that!”.


CUUP The Thong (Best Everyday Matching Set)

For the gal who likes to sport matching bras and panties that aren’t specifically lingerie or basic nudes/black, we highly recommend trying CUUP. The brand offers lots of cute colors (in addition to neutrals) in both modal and satin materials, and every shade has multiple matching bra options for you to build your perfect set. CUUP’s ethos is all about creating everyday pieces that feel pretty without the frills, so you can get the sort of confidence boost sexy sets give without actually trying to cover excess lace, bows or other embellishments.

Both the satin and modal thongs are wonderfully breathable (the modal a little more so) and have a flattering V-shape at the back to give your booty a boost. They can be worn either high on your hips or straight across for a mid-rise fit, and a wider waistband ensures they won’t fold over when you sit down or bunch as you move.


Basic Types of Thongs

Thongs have recently become a popular choice for everyday underwear for many women and not just for avoiding visible panty lines. Sure, these are your go-to briefs under a tight pencil skirt or fitted pants, but with ever-evolving styles that are both flirty and functional they can easily take over your entire panty wardrobe.


The original thong has a front patch, a significantly thinner rear patch of cloth and a seamless waistband. Deemed quite naughty at its inception, the new variants have taken the spiciness to a whole new level.


Anyways, below are the basic types of thongs you need to know if you are shopping for the first time and can’t remember specifics. This you must remember;

Comfortable Thongs for Working Out, Walking Around and Generally Living

The G-String: A G-String has a triangular patch of cloth that covers your genitals with an elastic band or “string” bridging it to the rear end.


The C-String: The definition of ‘absolutely no more than necessary’, a c-string is basically a g-string sans the waistband. However, you don’t have to worry about it falling off, it has a flexible internal wire holding it up.


The V-String: As the name suggests, the rear end has a ‘V’ shaped patch of cloth attached to the waistband. Quite risque on its own, it does, however, offer more coverage than the G-String.


The Cheeky: The most modest of the thong-family, this style offers quite some coverage at the back while still maintaining a cheeky vibe with exposed buttocks.


The Rio: This variant zoomed to popularity from the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. A perfect mix of bikini bottoms and g-strings, the Rio is often called a starter thong, making it your best bet for a seamless transition into the thong-lifestyle.


Now that we’ve enlightened you, shop your favourite styles!

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