CSMN: some church leaders are disgrace to humanity


CSMN: some church leaders are disgrace to humanity.

A religious organisation under the aegis of Christian Social Movement of Nigeria on Wednesday described as sad the embarrassment being given to the Christian community by a few Church leaders due to their “unbridled desires and lifestyles.”

The CSMN also faulted the election in the Christian Association of Nigeria, which it alleged, was marred by vote-buying and other forms of electoral malpractices.

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The chairman of CSMN, Elder Solomon Asemota (SAN), said these in a statement to commemorate the 59th independence of Nigeria.

He said, “The embarrassment a few Church leaders cause the Christian community due to unbridled desires and lifestyles is very sad. These things should not be in the household of faith. Therefore, Christians should be more determined to call to order, Christian leaders who stray away.

“If election is rigged in the country, what is going on inside the Church becomes relevant. There is credible evidence that elections in the CAN are marred by rigging through vote-buying, a flagrant violation of the constitution of the association and deliberate compromise of the process. This is not the standard expected of Christians and the Church.

“A church that violates truth and righteousness cannot legitimately demand truth and righteousness from non-Christians. Christians must not condone and accommodate election rigging and corruption in its fold. Nigerian Christians have the right to complain about the evils afflicting the country when they do not condone and accommodate such acts inside the Church.

“If Nigerian Christians want justice, they must be prepared to do justice in the country. As Nigeria celebrates her 59th independence anniversary, in like manner the Nigerian Church also celebrates 59 years of local leadership free from foreign control. A person that is 59 years old should be matured enough to discern right from wrong.”

The CSMN also accused the Federal Government of advocating injustice and inequality through a system of “one country, two systems.”


While faulting the 1999 constitution which, it said, was “plagued by a dual and conflicting ideology”, the organisation demanded a return to 1963 Republican constitution and establishment of Truth and Reconciliation Commission as the basis for healing and reconciliation in Nigeria.

Asemota said, “There is the need for the establishment of Truth and Reconciliation Commission as the basis for healing and reconciliation in Nigeria. The highest form of forgiveness is reconciliation.

“Nigeria received Independence from British Colonial rule in 1960 as a democratic country but 59 years later, it has departed from its foundation and is today one country, two systems. While October 1 1960 was officially the end of British colonial rule, May 29, 1999 signaled the official commencement of neo-colonialism with the introduction of the 1999 constitution which promoted dual conflicting ideologies in Nigeria.

“There has been consistent de-emphasis of October 1 as Independence Day, while May 29 is promoted as Democracy Day. The message should be clear to the discerning.

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“The current Federal Government is unabashedly an advocate of injustice and inequality engendered by one country, two systems. The discriminations permitted by this imbalance are cited as examples in the paper under violation of federal character principle, security, education, and anti-corruption efforts.

“Nigeria should return to its foundational constitution, the 1963 Republican constitution, with minor amendments, to replace the current 1999 constitution which is plagued by a dual and conflicting ideology.”

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