Dear Hon. Aishat Tundun Alanamu

Dear Hon. Aishat Tundun Alanamu, stop playing!

On the evening of Friday 25th, I was strolling with a friend in my community to check on a friend who lives around the Adewole All Progressives Congress chairman’s house. As we got to the chairman’s house, I saw some brothers from the community holding 10kg bags of rice each in their hands. I approached one of them to find out what was going on and he told me the rice was a palliative they received from the member representing Ajikobi/Alanamu constituency, Hajia Aishat Tundun. “The palliative is for APC members in Adewole Ward”, he said with a jaunty smile on his face.


While I know she needs the support of APC members across her constituency, Hajia Tundun should know that the votes of all APC members from her constituency can NEVER SOLELY deliver her anytime there is a poll. The number of APC members in the Ajikobi/Alanamu constituency is so meager compared to the numbers of the population who are of other parties or do not even belong to any political party. Well! Maybe, Hon. Tundun is only trying to represent and serve APC members; no one can tell.


In my household, we are about forty, and not even a single person amongst us is a registered APC member, not even me. That’s my household alone.

Let me make it broader, In my compound — Olobi Compound — we are more than a hundred, and the number of registered APC members amongst us isn’t up to twenty. Now, let’s say 20 out of about hundred and twenty members of my family are beneficiaries of the palliatives from an honorable who’s supposed to be representing all of us, but sending a clear message of representing APC alone. What will be the impact on my household, community, and the society at large? Hajia Tundun should stop playing!


Hajia Tundun does not need anyone to tell her that our constituency shall never be a bargain for APC members alone. The harsh policy by the Federal Government doesn’t affect the APC alone. It affects all of us. And God in His mercy! Those harsh and desolate policies by the Federal Government are the handiwork of our honorable’s beloved APC. Hajia should stop playing and start thinking, or what should become of people, like my uncle, who has spent about six decades or more on this earth and has never attended a political meeting all their lives?

If people, like our Hajia Tundun, only care about APC alone, the same party that has put us in this cesspool, who’s going to be responsible and provide succors for thousands of my Uncles who are out there? Hajia Tundun should stop playing seh!


We are her constituents and she has that sole responsibility to represent and serve us, and in such representation and service should be no discrimination in whatever guise. Hajia, stop playing!


I’m Yusuf Mutiu Olaitan and I’m called “Young Sturaro” by friends and enemies. I’m a proud athlete, sports enthusiast, and very proud son of Adewole Ward of the Ajikobi/Alanamu constituency!

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