Deborah Samuel (Yakubu) and her Killer Course Mates

Deborah Samuel (Yakubu) and her Killer Course Mates

”Actions should have consequences,” says Dr Dípò Awójídé after an innocent girls voice note for decorum, Deborah Samuel Yakubu, was taken to a death Islamic level on Thursday.


”The brutal murder of Deborah Yakubu should have consequences. Her murderers must be arrested, prosecuted and punished to serve as deterrent to other demonic religious extremists and terrorists.” Dr. Awojide added via Twitter.


Deborah Samuel, a female student of Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto, was mauled, killed and burnt on Thursday by a mob of Muslim youths who accused her of blasphemy on social media against Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).


The a 200-level Home Economics was subjected to all form of brutality by both male and female muslims who supported the act till she was finally burnt alive.


Sokoto state, Northern-Nigeria is an Islam dominated area, so security was definitely not a hindrance since religion has to come first, though their post also burnt down along.


The victim was beaten to coma before she was set ablaze.


In videos seen, young males and females on hijab hurled stones at her. Some also used sticks and different objects to hit her.


When the victim fell to the ground unconsciously, the attackers gathered tyres around her before she was set ablaze.


This was also after she was taken-off the school’s security.

Deborah was said to have made a ‘blasphemous’ comment on a WhatsApp group.


“The group was created by her colleagues and it served as a platform to discuss academic issues,” a source said.
Someone said a religious comment was posted on the platform and while criticising it, Deborah made a blasphemous comment against the Prophet.


Another person said she made the comment while quarreling with a fellow student at the hostel.


“She was asked to apologize but refused and this heightened tension in the school. The college security personnel had to intervened by whisking her to their office but they were overwhelmed by students, who later set her ablaze,” the source said.


Her voice note:

Briefing reporters at Government House, Sokoto Commissioner of Information, Isa Bajini Galadanchi, said Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal had ordered that the school be shut and directed the ministry of Higher Education and relevant security agencies to investigate the matter.


“The Governor has called on the people of the state to remain calm and maintain peace as the government would take appropriate actions on the findings of the investigation,” Bajini said.


Heavy armed security operatives were later seen patrolling the premises while students were trooping out with their belongings.



Later on, the Sokoto State Police Command said it arrested two suspects in connection with the lynching of Deborah Samuel.


A statement by Sanusi Abubakar, the police public relations officer in the state, said other suspects caught in the viral video on Twitter “will soon be nailed too.”


Mr Abubakar said the students had “forcefully removed the victim from the security room where she was hidden by the school authorities, killed her and burnt the building.”


He said the school had been closed down and men of the force deployed to provide security at the school premises.


He added that the state commissioner of police, Kamaldeen Okunlola, appealed to residents to maintain peace and go about their lawful activities. He said the situation is under control.


The statement read in parts: “At about 0900hrs, a distress call was received from Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto, stating that students were rioting over one female student named Deborah Samuel, a level two student, who was accused of making a social media post that blasphemed the holy prophet Muhammad (SAW). students forcefully removed the victim from the security room where she was hidden by the school authorities, killed her and burnt the building.


“The students banded together with miscreants and barricaded the Sokoto/Jega road.


“Upon receiving the information, the DC Operations led a team of policemen and all other operational commanders in the state to the school where the road was cleared and the situation was brought under control. Two students were arrested in connection with the crime committed.


“The school has been closed down by the school authority, and policemen were deployed to give tight security coverage.”


The statement added the other suspects as exposed by the video clip of the incident in circulation will be apprehended.


Also, the Sokoto Sultanate Council has condemned the killing.


The Council in a statement issued by its secretary, Sa’idu Mohammadu Maccido, called on security agencies to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to book.


The council called on members of the public to also remain calm and live peacefully with one another.


The statement reads, “The Sultanate Council has learnt with dismay the unfortunate happening at the Shehu Shagari College of Education, SSCOE Sokoto that led to the loss of life of a female student of the institution.


“The Sultanate Council condemns the incident in its totality and has urged the security agencies to bring the perpetrators of the unjustifiable incident to justice.


“The Sultanate Council has urged all to remain calm and ensure peaceful co-existence among all people of the state and nation.”


The Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Sokoto, Matthew Kukah, on Thursday, described as criminal, the gruesome murder of Deborah Yakubu.


The revered cleric, in a statement, tasked authorities at all levels to fish out the perpetrators and ensure justice is served on the matter.


Reacting in a statement, Kukah said the perpetrators no matter their motive must be punished.


Kukah’s statement was titled, ‘Murder of Ms Deborah Yakubu’.

It partly read, “We condemn this incident in the strongest term and call on the authorities to investigate this tragedy and ensure that all the culprits are brought to book.


“The only obligation that is owed her immediate family, her fellow students and the school authorities is the assurance that those who are guilty of this inhuman act, no matter their motivation, are punished according to the extant laws of our land.


“This has nothing to do with religion. Christians have lived peacefully with their Muslim brothers here in Sokoto over the years.


“This matter must be treated as a criminal act and the law must take its cause.”


Other Nigerian prominence have condemned the act.

Oby Ezekwesili says, ”I just watched a horrific video of a student identified as Deborah of Shehu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto being beaten and burnt to death by some young people for ‘religious blasphemy’.
And not ONE among the school authority intervened? They and her killers have a CASE.”


Aisha Yesufu says, ”You all that have taken part in lynching and killing of your fellow citizens are all the same. That reason you use to justify your own killing is heinous. You all are monsters that should have been prosecuted by government a long time ago.


”You carry religion on your head yet you do not practice what the religion tells you.
Bloodthirsty monsters.


”Not just arrest! Peoper investigation and prosecution. Police should meticulously collect evidence and not bungle the case up in court. The killers of Bridget were arrested and later released.


”They should be arrested and prosecuted for murder.
No human being has the right to take the life if another.
This is how we have been breeding serial killers and we wonder how we have wanton killings in Nigeria.” She added.


Reno Omokri says, ”The gruesome killing of the female student, whose name I understand to be Deborah, in Sokoto on allegations of blaspheming prophet Mohammed SAW must be investigated and the culprits must be severely punished. @Elrufai insulted Christ, but Christians didn’t kill him!”

Deborah Samuel Yakubu and her Killer Course Mates
Deborah Samuel (Yakubu)

Also lamenting, a 2015 Presidential candidate for Kowa Party, Remi Sonaiya asked, ”How long is it going to take for people to accept that this is unacceptable? But those who should address it are turning a blind eye. There’s no serious effort to change the behaviour through education. Neither does anyone get punished. #WhatIsTrueReligion”

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