Delta APC Urges Buhari To Further Increase Petrol Pump Price To N205

Dilapidated Nigerian Economy: Delta APC Urges President Buhari To Further Increase Petrol Pump Price To N205.

…Says Further Upward Price Review Is Unavoidable, Notwithstanding High Inflation Rate and Acute Poverty In Nigeria.


The factional Chairman of the Delta State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Mr Jones Erue and members of his Exco have asked those not comfortable with the recent hikes in electricity and pump price of petrol, to go to hell or stop complaining, saying that President Mohammadu Buhari, does not owe Nigerians any apology over the present epileptic state of the nation’s economy.


Erue, was alleged to have made the assertions in a statement issued by the APC Delta Publicity Secretary, wherein the party gave Buhari a path on the back for the pump price and electricity tariff hike, saying that in order to do away with fuel subsidy, the federal government should further increase the pump price to N205 per litre on or before December, 2020.


The Delta APC, according to the alleged statement by Jones Erue, has urged President Buhari not to be swayed by massive protests currently spreading across the country, pointing out that Nigerians having more than one car should do the needful by selling them off and also do away with unnecessary pleasures and should sometimes take a walk to their places of work.


Erue was quoted by the state Publicity Secretary, as saying that sufferings, pains and agony are an integral part of democratic governance; especially in a situation where war against corruption by the Buhari administration cannot raise enough funds to provide good governance, adding that fuel price hike and increase in electricity tariff are part of the APC national government pleasant surprises in the Next Level Agenda promised by Mr. president during his 2019 electioneering campaign.

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Delta APC Urges Buhari To Further Increase Petrol Pump Price To N205
Delta APC Urges Buhari To Further Increase Petrol Pump Price To N205

“It has come to the attention of APC Delta that some irresponsible Nigerians are saying that President Buhari is insensitive to the plight of the people, and it appears they say so out of ignorance and lack of patriotism. Fuel price hike is not a big deal and it has come to stay. High rates inflation in Nigeria is not new and those not comfortable with the policies and actions of APC national government can leave this country for us to salvage it to the end.


“The hike in pump price of petrol is a welcome development and in fact, what Mr President did not tell Nigerians is that the actual price will be N205 by December and APC Delta is in support of further hike in pump price of petrol. It is a sign of good governance and greater things to come as encapsulated in the APC Next Level Agenda of President Buhari.


“It does not matter that President Buhari, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu and other APC leaders protested against fuel hike during President Jonathan’s era, they did that as a political gangup to take over power which may not translate to reduction in the price of petrol under APC national government. This is the truth and it is something that Nigerians must live with, going forward.

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“The protest organised against PDP during president Goodluck Jonathan’s administration is gone and we urge Mr. President to further increase electricity tariff and petrol pump price in our strong desire to instill discipline in the ways Nigerians manage their individual and family affairs in this country.


“Nigerians are in pains, YES, but fuel hike must go on until it is N205 per litre in December.


“The federal government will arrest, prosecute and jail protesters because the Buhari administration is a no nonsense government. We must do what we need to do whether Nigerians like it or not.


“Any Nigerian who is not comfortable with the price hike in electricity tariff and petrol pump price may urgently apply for visa and leave Nigeria, for good,” APC Delta said.

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