Does drinking Water and Solution prevent pregnancy after sex?

Does drinking Water and Solution prevent pregnancy after sex? A billion Naira question begging for answer.

As a Food Therapist and a Nutrition expert, I have come across various clients with various needs. Interestingly some are women with need to use natural things for birth control. While the birth control pills, rings, coils etch work on most women. Some other women develop serious and critical health condition during usage and after usage. A contraction in hormone either estrogen or progesterone have certain health decline with some women.

While the birth control available have health defects with some women, it works for some other. This bring me to some natural birth control methods. While some birth control methods like cinnamon oil, or tea, Neem oil etc., has been proven to work effectively for birth control. Certain other solution actually do not work.


Water and salt solution for example…

Water and salt solution chemically is just a combination of sodium, Cl, Hydrogen and oxygen. Basically there isn’t any chemical reaction either regressive or progressive that can make it effective for birth control. Scientifically and technically, water and salt solution do not poses any spermicidal properties that disturbs, reduce viability, activeness or even mobility of the sperm cell.

Water and salt solution also do not affect the vagina friendly acceptability of spell cell and movement into the fallopian tube. While certain food like excess consumption of Sugar, refined flours, food additives, table salt, trans fats, fried foods, meat, dairy, alcohol and caffeine can affect and reduce the pH of vaginal which may end up causing infertility, water and salt solution definitely do not have the functional destructive properties.


Water and salt solution might really seems as a convenient methods to use but definitely have not nutritionally, functionally or medical proof of acting as birth control. What water and solution can do is help the body with having a relaxation, rehydrate the body from going Tino further dehydration which may lead to exhaustion and probably death.

Does drinking Water and Solution prevent pregnancy after sex?
Does drinking Water and Solution prevent pregnancy after sex?

Functional fact has also shown that taking that salt and water solution in the beginning of the day helps your hydration for the day. It gives the gut and stomach the acidity needed for digestive functions. It helps activate muscles and manage the adrenal system.

While all the above mentioned functions can be certified either nutritionally or medically, salt and water solution is not certified to be used as birth control as it is not effective on either the sperm cell or affect the vaginal environment towards sperm attachment.


Temi Badmus, Content Creator, Food Scientist and Nutritionist. 

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