Ékènē Édédé namié Égui mu

Ékènē Édédé namié Égui mu: The Benin adage; “Where an old woman caught a Tortoise”, she thinks it’s a permanent abode for all Tortoise.


Obaseki won the hearts of the Edo people in 2020 through the democracy of the media, by the media, and for the media. It was only when the Diasporas came around they met the shame they clamored for; All in the media, nothing on the ground.

I read a headline from Obaseki handlers asking Edo people to beg the federal government to allow him to fix federal roads in Edo. What an irony.


  1. The Benin City GRA is extremely flooded with cars breaking down after every rainfall. Do we need to beg the federal government too?

  2. Obaseki has been trying to dualize Ekenwan Road as his first dualization project since 2017. Do we need to beg the federal government for him to advance on the project?

  3. Evbuotubu is no longer part of Benin due to collapsed roads. Do we need to beg the federal government here as well?

  4. Uwasota residents call in on every program on the radio for Obaseki’s intervention on their roads. Should the plea be directed at the federal government?

  5. A very minute fix is needed at Country Home Motel and Limit Road which is destroying vehicles on a daily. Should we go to Abuja to have it fixed?

  6. Evbuabogun connects Sapele Road to Upper Sokponba Road. Visible tears of the people. Is this also a federal road?

  7. Evbuomoma connects Okha, anticipated to take traffic of over 5000 vehicles a day. Should we write to Tinubu?

  8. Ohovbe has lost hope. Does the federal government need a letter from them?

  9. Hay! It is time to send the federal government a letter to fix the road to the Edo State Government House which is heavily flooded.


You can fl some people sometimes, but you can’t fl all the people all the time.

This administration of mendacity has a day of reckoning with destiny and the clock is fast ticking.


~ Liberty ‘Ruyi

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