Elderly couple killed their 28 old son for being stubborn

Couple arrested for k*lling, secretly burying their 28-yr-old son for being stubborn.


One Mr Lambert Ukachukwu, his wife and daughter, have been arrested by police operatives in Imo State, after they allegedly connived and m*rdered their last child, identified simply as Chukwuebuka.


The 28-year-old was allegedly k*lled on Saturday, September 17, 2021, for being stubborn and giving his family sleepless nights.


It was gathered that he was reportedly ht with a wood and was left to de, after which he was buried in a shallow grave close to his residence.

Elderly couple killed their 28 old son for being stubborn
Elderly couple killed their 28 old son for being stubborn

Luck, however ran out of the culprits, who were confronted by the suspecting youths of Duruegwele community in Imo, about the whereabout of the deceased.

The father had informed them that Chukwuebuka traveled to Ghana.

But after pressing further and threting to brn down the culprit’s house, the daughter confessed to the crime.


It was learned that the couple and their daughter have been arrested, while the deceased immediate older brother called Philip is on the run.

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