Emma Nyra says something to those celebrating Hushpuppi arrest

Nigerian singer, Emma Nyra, has reacted to the arrest of popular socialite, Hushpuppi, over alleged fraud.


Nyra said that a lot of people on social media only rejoiced over his arrest because he was oppressing them, adding that rejoicing over his arrest will not put money in their pockets.

In a series of tweet, she says,  “A lot of people are happy about what happened to Hushpuppi because he was oppressing them on social media. The truth is that rejoicing in his downfall is not gonna put money in your pocket. I’m tired of reading about someone else’s downfall. Let me jeje hustle my own.”

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Emma Nyra says something to those celebrating Hushpuppi arrest
Emma Nyra says something to those celebrating Hushpuppi arrest


She continued, “Lol una too dey prove my point. Why do people love bad things. Why can’t we celebrate good news? How will God bless you when you’re not focused on your own success? As for me I’m with my family focused on my future. I never defended anyone’s bad behavior, but stop celebrating it.”


“I was speaking about this with my friends yesterday. Be careful how you use social media. Too many people are losing their life because of negativity. I’m too blessed to be stressed.”

“To be clear please make una learn to read for comprehension. I never defended hushpuppi or his actions. I simply said I’m tired of reading about bad news and I mean that. I said what I said.

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“Meanwhile I NEVER said I was unhappy about his arrest. That’s the caption that Instablog gave you and you ran with it. I said I’m tired of reading about it. Of course his actions deserved the highest consequences. I never said otherwise. I said that I’m tired of reading about it.


“The problem is that I was confused that the same people asking him for money and envying his lifestyle are now laughing. Fraud is wrong on all levels and should be punished accordingly. The problem to me is everyone looking for saviors and heroes on the internet.”

Like every smart Nigerian should, Emma Nyra says they should rather follow topics like this and leave distractions – Emma Nyra says something to those celebrating Hushpuppi arrest

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“This is what we should focus on! This man is a leader speaking facts everyday! This is what should trend amongst other important and relevant news. I applaud you sir for leading and caring for our people,” she added.

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