For 32years, Nigerian man never Knew Humans hear with Two Ears

A Nigerian Man, Mr. Ezeji Ogochukwu, who recently celebrated his 32nd birthday narrates how he was deaf on the right ear for almost his 32 years thinking it was normal.


He also shared what he later did in an emotional story.


Read below:

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My hearing aid story ❤️

“So apparently I don’t know if I was born deaf on my right ear, I started noticing I can only ear with my left ear about 7yrs old or so.


Naive me since then I have always thought we always hear with one ear, sometimes I would just be talking to myself asking myself questions I have no answers to, from day one I have been a quite type I hardly communicate with people except my close friends.


Only few knew I can’t hear on my right ear because it wasn’t obvious.

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So on this faithful day, I and my late mum were sitting on a long bench outside, I think I was 10yrs then, so I was resting my head on her laps because I was in a sleeping position.

Boom maami (as we call her) had this wristwatch and she put it on my right ear to hear if it was still working, I told her to put it on my left ear she asked me why, I told her I can’t hear with my right ear she was shocked 😳 I could see her reaction on her face. Me I told her I have always thought we hear with one ear 🤣.

For 32years, Nigerian man never Knew Humans hear with Two Ears
For 32years, Nigerian man never Knew Humans hear with Two Ears

I think that was the last time we discussed about my ears. Wo I can’t even blame her for not even making moves then, because we were even struggling as a family couple with the fact that she was also sick.

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So as I was growing older I noticed I was loosing my balancing and I always feel dizzy, mumu me I thought it was village people ooo.


Fast forward to February this year I went to cover an event in Akwa Ibom as a photographer.


I met Itoro Udosen, she advise me to go to general hospital and meet a doctor.


I went to hospital on Monday without waiting, I was in lasuth, It wasn’t easy but I finally met a family doctor, she gave me a note to meet an ENT (ear, nose & throat) Doctor, that was when my journey began.


From meeting the doctor to doing series of earring test, to doing brain mri scan to buying drugs.

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So the brain mri scan revealed I cannot hear with my right ear until I use hearing aid.


I was referred to do hearing aid trial, on the 15th of November 2021, was the first time I was able to communicate with my right ear. I was very happy that day.


Boom the woman said to get digital hearing aid cost is 300,000 omo fear enter my body 🤣

My own is that I must get it ooo.

So I wrote an SOS message to some people I know that can help out, telling them I have 150k at hand to add to the money. I got 181,000 in total from 4 people that turned up for me.


Mind you many people read my message without even replying me 😭 omo I felt bad that day ooo.


I have spent close to 500,000 already to achieve this.


This is my day 2 of using the hearing aid.

Walahi I can confidently say my balancing is coming back to normal.

Me that can’t even gbe body before because of fear of falling down, I can now dance 😁.

Dizziness has disappeared fiam.


I am grateful to God and people that turn up for me.
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Bright Obinna Uchemadu thank you for the cash you sent yesterday.

And to my friends that motivated me morally una thank you.


Ezeji Emmanuel Ogochukwu

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