How to Advertise with (DE-GBETU) GBETU TV



How to advertise on Gbetu Tv
Here you have all the information needed to advertise on our website – GBETU TV , advertising on our platform is easy to understand and utilize in reaching your target audience.



We currently have 300,000 monthly unique visitors on our Blog which increases with 2x matrices of unique new users, coming from all our social media and backlinks platforms.


Our blog average reading time is 1m 15s with 5-6 Pages/Session (the average number of pages viewed everytime a person opens a page).



we have 4k+ Instagram real human fans

we have 800k+ Monthly views/Engagement and over 3m Impressions on Pinterest and 1000+ real  followers.

we have 1k+ Linkedin real followers

we have 8k+ real followers on Twitter
we have 10k+ Facebook Followers.

we have 5000+ push notification subscribers

and 2000+ email subscribers



Traffic Rate:

We get –

Direct Traffic of 73.14%

Referral Traffic of 18.13% and

Organic Traffic of 8.73% – (12, 000+ from search engine alone)



Below is the cost of Advert placement


First site:

the top bar ads placement – N50K per month

Box side: the sidebar – N40K per month

Sponsored Post Ads + – 20k and your post will not be deleted.

Blog Post/Featured Post(Music/Comedy/News, e.t.c) – N10k

Blog Post/Featured Post(Music/Comedy/News, e.t.c) – N10k+ BC to other blogs(10+) = N30k

Blog Post/Featured Post(Music/Comedy/News, e.t.c) – N10k+ BC to other blogs(10+)- N30k + Sponsored ads = N40k + (Sponsored Ads cost is calculated by audience and reach)




Sponsored Ads: 10k above (cost is calculated by audience and reach)

Single Content Broadcast on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Whatsapp/Pinterest/Tumblr/LinkedIn – N10k






Brand Royalty Pay(Artiste/Business)

This is a way DE-GBETU uses in showing support for start-ups and fast-rising – actors, models, artistes, businesses and so on.

Cost: N20, 000 monthly



Terms and Condition:

a.  payment is done between the 1st and 5th day of the month, faliure to do so leads to termination.

b. It is your duty to generate the contents or give us the idea of what you want out.

c.  you can roll out as many contents about you or your business as possible.

d. we decide where the content should be, how far and possibly when (we always give the best in every circumstance).

e. in addendum to “d”, no ‘major promotion’ is accepted on this agreement, any must follow our advert rates above.



Event Coverage: 

News/Birthday/EP Launch/ everything private/Personal – N50k

Concerts/Carnival: N150k


Videos and Photos – N400k (Eves/Wedding/Party)

Pre-Wedding Shoot: N100k



We also Offer:

Company Branding


Google Mapping of Business

Website Designing

Web Crawling/SEO/Site Mapping

Growing Followers on Social Media

and so on….


If you need any clarification, Please use the comment section below

or mail us at – [email protected]


For urgent issues, Whatsapp or Call Contact us on +2349074333435



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  1. Tunde Usman says:

    I had a dream, it felt so real.
    I did give it time, but the hand writing was so clear and bold.

    This is the third time, am seeing the hand writing.

    It said’ “LA ILAHA ILLA ALLAH, MUHAMMAD RASOOLU ALLAH.. I am born a Christian, but this massage was too real, i don’t know how this will go with my family, my friend’s and colleagues, but it’s a decision i must take.

    Am an Igbo by birth, from Anambra State.

    My people are predominantly Christian’s, so you all will understand why it’s difficult for me to decide. In the coming days, I will decide whether to follow this dream or not, one thing is sure, my decision will be made public, it may not go well with alot if people, but it will sure make me a better person.

    Please remember me in your prayers.”

    I saw this at Instagram @I am _elochukwutulu. I think this guy wants to convert to Islam but is scared of what people will say, he needs help.

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