Good things General Buhari did and no one talked about

Good things General Buhari did and no one talked about 


In 1983, Chadian forces, backed by French Foreign Legion invaded and occupied Nigeria’s sovereign territory in mainly parts of old Borno State. I believe this is not unconnested with riches of the Chad Basin region where Nigeria was prospecting oil at the time.


President Shagari not knowing what to do about the unfolding situation locked himself and refused to phone calls, pretending he was out of the country. When it became obviously Shagari didn’t know how to handle the situation, a young 40 year-old Muhammadu Buhari, GOC of 3rd Armored Division took it upon himself to mobilise troops.


He drove the Chadian forces out of Nigeria and 50 km further in into the Chadian territory where, Buhari’s forces occupied until President Shehu Shagari ordered him to withdraw – having come under enormous pressure from the President Francois Mitterrand of France.


Muhammadu Buhari now called General Buhari  took more 100 Chadian soldiers prisoners, whom, I suppose were later released.


That singular act taught the French a lesson in how not to mess with Nigeria ever again. Chad has never bothered us ever since.


Some people are awarded the title of General while others earn their rank of General. Muhammadu Buhari is one of the few who earned his own, irrespective of the derogatory remarks Looters might make about him on a daily basis.


Emeka Aneke

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