Here’s what Nigerians think of Veeiye for saving TBaj

Here's what Nigerians think of Veeiye for saving TBaj

Here’s what Nigerians think of Veeiye for saving TBaj

Yesterday was the third Sunday for eviction while almost every housemates except  the head of house was up for eviction, only Kidwaya and TBaj made it to the bottom two.


Interestingly, the year Big Brother naija started considering the jury method of removing individual ( The jury voting method involving bringing past Big Brother naija participants to vote out a particular housemates they fill show no longer be in game).

While many jury has made decision that really hurt the masses in the last two weeks, yesterday made a different view.


Veeiye was one of the jury, uncommon to the masses opinion which stated earlier before eviction that Veeiye was going to vote out TBaj, Veeiye voted out Kidwaya leaving TBaj with more time in the house.

While a lot of people feels Veeiye was being a bigger person , various twitter users felt Veeiye saved TBaj because she needed her to keep disgracing herself more over a man.

Here's what Nigerians think of Veeiye for saving TBaj
Here’s what Nigerians think of Veeiye for saving TBaj

During the eviction show Veeiye was asked by Ebuka what she thinks of TBaj and her Ex, Neo Energy… Veeiye replied by saying

I am always right!


During their seasons in the Big Brother House, Veeiye made a claim that TBaj hated the fact that Neo was with her and somehow gave me much tough time which TBaj clearly denied but this allstar seasoning is clearly bringing out a lot of hidden attitude from TBaj.

She also definitely she doesn’t want a ship with Neo Energy but at the same time doesn’t want him to have any ship in the house.


As of yesterday, some few hours after eviction, TBaj was found figting Ceece over Neo. A serious argument which left both shouting and arguing.

TBaj ended up saying Ceece was a short dwarf in which Ceece replied her by letting her know that her man, Neo likes it thick!


Meanwhile, a lot of people are still wondering on twitter this morning on while Veeiye did not do the justice to sending TBaj home.

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