How Mutton Bone Marrow Scattered A Wedding In India

How Mutton Bone Marrow Scattered A Wedding In India

India – – A wedding was called off in Telangana as the groom’s family was angry about mutton bone marrow not being served as part of the non-vegetarian menu decided by the bride’s side.

The bride was from Nizamabad while the groom from Jagtiyal. They were engaged at the bride’s residence in November, but the wedding was called off soon after.


The bride’s family had arranged a non-vegetarian menu for guests, including their family members and the groom’s relatives.


A fight erupted after the engagement ceremony when guests pointed out that bone marrow of mutton was not being served. When the hosts – the bride’s family – confirmed that bone marrow had not been added to the dishes, the row escalated.

Soon, the police entered the picture.


Officials at the local police station tried to persuade the groom’s family to resolve the fight but the group, incensed about what they called an “insult”, did not relent.

They argued that the bride’s family deliberately kept from them the fact that bone marrow was not on the menu. Ultimately, the engagement party ended with the groom’s family calling off the wedding.


The incident, many pointed out, resembled the plot of a highly acclaimed Telugu movie. ‘Balagam’, released back in March, showed a wedding being cancelled after a dispute over mutton bone marrow between the two families.

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