How to slowly draw her out

How to slowly draw her out

Women tend to have a sexual self and a nonsexual self. The sexual self is usually buried in the unconscious.

When a man can bring a woman’s sexual self out, he gets far more approval from women, and he enjoys women much more.


Whether a woman is choosing to turn on or a man is seducing her, her sexual self must slowly be drawn out, and her nonsexual self, or conditioning, must be attended to.

The guy has to provide strength. He has to provide some kind of “authority.”

His job is to be willing to lead her where she wants to go sexually. He has to have enough attention to her to see that she wants to see the intense places that women want to go sexually.


The biggest thing that turns a woman on is her partner’s desire for her.
Guys tend to lack confidence or don’t want to be seen as intimidating or domineering.

Women often don’t want to be seen as too forward or “slutty,” for fear of rejection or punishment by their superego.

There tends to be very little initiating, especially on women’s part.


First, she allows herself to play the role of a sexy girl by dressing and acting the part.

Touch is essential. It is sensual and has great power to release the grip of the superego, which is only a mental construct.

The secret of how she accomplishes movement forward into her sexuality is by taking incremental steps.

Small risks are much easier to take, hence incremental steps, an outfit, a comment, a touch, etc.


We could summarize the male role as to “lead.” Society teaches men contradictory ideas about what women want.

Basically, on one side is a nice guy, and on the other side is a sexy guy.


The sexy guy knows how to seduce her:

• He does this in small steps.
• He continually increases touching.
• He demonstrates strength and authority.
• He backs off when she resists.
• He returns to approval very quickly.
• He encourages her “sexy girl” script/role.


Most men don’t understand the basic ‘RAW’ nature of women.

That’s why they ended up in a mess every time.



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