I want to be a part of Afrobeats – Usher

I want to be a part of Afrobeats – Usher

American R&B superstar Usher Raymond has expressed admiration for the afrobeats genre and how he desires to be a part of the said music scene.

He claimed that he collaborated with Nigerian artists, Burna Boy and Pheelz, on his latest album because he wants to be part of the Afrobeats surge.


Recall that Usher had featured Pheelz in ‘Ruin,’ the lead single from his current album, and Burna Boy in the album’s title tune, ‘Homecoming’.

Usher claimed in a recent interview with Apple Music that Pheelz had influenced his working with Burna Boy.


He said: “I am all about collaboration and bringing African, you know, Nigerian culture to my own world. Their music is really popular now. I wanted to be part of it [Afrobeats], that’s why I went to Africa to make this album.

“I picked up things when I was in Ghana. I picked up things when I was in Nigeria. And working with Pheelz, he created the record [‘Homecoming’]. I just felt that Burna Boy would take it to a different level of credibility. I really do enjoy him as an artist. I just felt that this song would only be lifted better if he was part of it.”

I want to be a part of Afrobeats – Usher
I want to be a part of Afrobeats – Usher

Pheelz worked as an in-house producer at Hit Factory, a studio in Ajao Estate, Lagos, all he had was the self-belief that he’d one day have big hits. About 10 years later, his 2022 single Finesse became the most Shazamed song of the year, he’s since performed at venues like the O2 and met legends like Dr. Dre.


”Watching the choir’s performances in my dad’s church laid the foundation for my musical interests when I was around four years old. At 12, I taught myself how to play the keyboard and use production software like FruityLoops to make beats. Then, I gave my 20-track demo CD to Mayo Hunta, a veteran artist and producer and an acquaintance of my dad, to play for ID Cabasa. Cabasa liked it and asked if I’d be open to an internship at his label, Coded Tunes in Bariga”, Pheelz says.


”I’ve always believed since I was young that music would take me to high places.

”Back in Hit Factory, where I met Young Jonn in 2011, it was the same energy. Jonn and I always told each other at that time that we would sing, not only produce, and hit it big. It’s why our song Jelo means so much to us. We call each other sometimes and just geek about the song and its success. It’s a full-circle moment because that belief has always been there.” He added.

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