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Igbo must return home, says Gov David Umahi, Ohanaeze

Igbo must return home, says Gov David Umahi, Ohanaeze

Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi state and the President-General of Ohaneze Ndigbo General, Chief Nnia Nwodo, on having reacted to the necessity for Ndigbo in the diaspora to return home and make investments in direction of financial improvement of the area.

The dual spoke on Tuesday in Abakaliki during an event of the Ebonyi Business Forum, at the Ecumenical Centre, stated that the manner and way in which Ndigbo went on to ignore the investment opportunities abound within the zone was partly answerable for the gradual pace of financial improvement within the region.

The two Igbo leaders contended that the state of affairs must shift if the region was able to take its rightful position in Nigeria.

Umahi, who was lecturing on the business opportunities in Ebonyi State, noted that his government had endeavored in repositioning the state to accept and welcome every kind of investors within the state.

Igbo must return home, says Gov David Umahi, Ohanaeze
Igbo must return home, says Gov David Umahi, Ohanaeze

He started that Ebonyians and Ndigbo generally ought to visit and invest in any sector of their interest. All the required environments that supported the expansion of companies have been offered within the state.

On his, part, Nwodo praised the Igbo traders from Lagos State who had been within the state for investment purposes, saying with the extent of infrastructural growth in Ebonyi, the state would quickly change into the economic hub of the whole South-East.

He expressed that it is claimed a very good wealth is the one that reaches the home and he is aware that Igbo enrolled voters in Lagos are greater than three million people.

He continued, that however, in the course of elections, “they’re reminded that Lagos isn’t their father’s land” noting that when issues like that occur, it prompts “you that you come from somewhere, and the necessity to go home.”

He charged that Igbos need to “develop Alaigbo, and turn it into what Catalonian is to t Spain, and what Berlin is to Germany.”

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