Illegal arrest by Policemen at Oshodi as Cults Clash.

There have been illegal arrest by Police at Oshodi, on Wednesday 20th June,  as major cults clash.

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The clash between 7street boys and Oseni boys according to resident “is bringing problems to families.”

As a reaction the Police squad at Oshodi raided houses this morning, arresting ‘assumed cult members’ and spraying tear gas.

I was beaten as well because I refused they carry my brother without any reason when i tried to follow them as to know the location where he alongside other innocent boys were been taken of the policeman came down from the vehicle and sprayed teargas in my eyes…I was unconscious for 20mins

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Families of those arrested have called on appropriate authorities to do something. As at the time of this report, they stood in front of the Police Station with hope and no-one was allowed to enter.

Innocent citizens are believed to be cell mates at the Akinpelu Police Station, Bolade.

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