Its true! Edo women are prostitute!

Its true! Edo women are prostitute!

Kemi Olunloyo, a controversial figure, has taken sides with relationship guru Blessing CEO in response to her contentious remarks against Edo women.


Remember how the CEO of Blessing came under fire for saying that most Benin moms are careless and only want to use their children as cash cows by making them sell their bodies?

She reiterated that the majority of Benin’s mature women are employed as prostitutes’ overseas, meaning that there aren’t any in the country.


Reacting, Phyna slammed the relationship expert,  for saying girls become very wild at an early age in Benin City and that there are no responsible women in Benin as most of the females from the South-South state are allegedly engaging in prostitution abroad.


‘’Generally, Benin people become wild very early. A Bini person, once you are 14 or 15, you will start to explore life. It is very rare to see a responsible mother in Benin that can train her child. What Bini people are known for is prostitution. It is very rare before you see a decent Bini girl that her mother trained. Once you are 14 years in Bini, your mum sends you off to Libya to engage in prostitution”


In reaction Phyna wrote;

‘’Blessingceo I nor say make you nor talk oh or chase your clout as usual but I take God beg nor think say you get gbana for head con carry am play come Benin people side….. how you go open your yeye mouth say all women for Benin na Ashawo!!!!!!!! Say no responsible mama, Omo e be like say you don match line o where you think say your madness stop na there another person own start…

Abi you smoke wrong blunt? Wetin dy work you”

Its true! Edo women are prostitute!
Its true! Edo women are prostitute!

But supporting, Kemi Olunloyo expressed her agreement and disclosed that, in 2007, while residing in Canada, she discovered that most Edo girls are transported to Italy for prostitution, often with their mothers’ consent.


In her words: “Blessing CEO was right about Edo girls though. I found out about this in 2007 in Canada that most are trafficked for prostitution in Italy and some mothers were well aware and supported it. The ones trafficked from Italy to Canada usually have small children and their goal is to get Canadian PR cards leading to citizenship. The Oba of Benin once cursed the traffickers blaming them. One lady came on Arise News last week to tell her ordeal where she was lied to, promised work, and turned into a sex slave. Many Nigerian females organized Prostitution rings in Ghana 🇬🇭 too. Please know what’s going on and remove the tribal sentiments and learn more about human trafficking at @officialnaptipnigeria”.

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