Kay Ojay: Why I can’t be like Bobrisky, Bryan Nwakoro, James Brown

Kay Ojay, a popular Nigerian Actor, Art Director, Mixologist, and Masseuse have dissociated himself from crossdressers like Bobrisky, Bryan Nwakoro, James Brown and others.


The past few years have introduced strongly the presence of LGBTQIA accross the world but then also came cross dressers – a set that have confused many. Its ‘easier’ to accept ‘tom boys’ (girls looking like boys) but been very difficult processing boys looking like girls and very hot for that matter. Irrespective, Kay Ojay have chosen the path of Denrele Edun, an award winning Nigerian television host who fancies female looks for presentation but still looks like a man.

Kay Ojay: Why I can't be like Bobrisky, Bryan Nwakoro, James Brown
Kay Ojay: Why I can’t be like Bobrisky, Bryan Nwakoro, James Brown

In an exclusive with GBETU, says “I can’t be like Bobrisky; I am Kay ojay”


In a long note of explanation, Kay Ojay says;

“It’s sad how society will want to put you in a boxy. We are two different people, with different ideology about life, Note I don’t hate ‘him’.

“He cross dresses for a living or for gram, and I will only cross dress for a movie role because I am a professional. Whenever I get a role, I digest the character and exhibit it, because that is what every thespian will do – Proper analysis of character.

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“I choose jobs I go for now, because I want to be deliberate with every art I exhibit. I get such roles because of my soft nature, pretty face and a soul healing voice, which I had no choice but to love, because growing up, society did not make it easy for me.


“I was bullied and made feel less of a human, which made me sucider, but God’s grace kept me.


“Even as a child actor, I remember my first stage play I played the role of an house girl.

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“Before Jenifer’s diary in 2020 I have being featured on other productions that I had to cross dress, but Jenifer’s diary was the biggest of them all, I had more scenes and the production had a bigger network.

“I don’t panic when I hear people call me Bobrisky when they hear my voice or watch any of my films, because you never find makeup or female clothes with me, if it’s not onset. However that’s not the only role I play, I have done more jobs as a normal guy than the drag thing, for instance my most recent feature on Eve when I played the role of spoilt British Billionaire son, I mean that was an amazing piece which I got loads amazing compliments from, however that was one of the most challenging role I have ever gotten. Call me Art!

Kay Ojay: Why I can't be like Bobrisky, Bryan Nwakoro, James Brown

Personal Lifestyle

“As a thespian I love my art, if my mentor Tyler Perry can do it, I can. And I also trust the ‘organic growth’.

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“A lot of people don’t know I like business too, apart from been a creative, I am a professional mixologist, I head my brand Ojay’s corner @ojayscorner on Instagram. I am positive about my field. And God as always been my number 1 factor. I advice art lovers, to stop procrastinating and start been deliberate.

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