Kissing: The Different Types And Their Meaning

The act of kissing is seen as being universally adored. Furthermore, various health advantages of kissing have been proven by science. They include, among other things, promoting calorie burning and improving skin shine.

Aside from that, a sort of love language is kissing. Similar to how every language has a variety of dialects and types, so does kissing. Every kiss has a specific meaning and conveys a particular message to the recipient. You must understand what each kiss symbolizes in order to make sure you are not giving the wrong signals. The various kisses and their meanings are covered in this article.


Hand kiss

Hand kisses are less frequently used today than they were in the 17th and 18th centuries as a non-platonic greeting. At the period, women and nobility frequently exchanged these kisses, more frequently in Europe and the UK than in America. These non-ritual hand kisses are only still used in upper-class society and diplomatic settings today—again, largely on the European side.

The casual hand kisses, like the ones you give to your mother to show your appreciation or the ones a mother gives to her child to show her love, have no rules attached to them. These are the formal hand kisses. Hand kisses are also regularly given to infants; after all, who wouldn’t want to pet such adorable hands? In a few nations, like Brunei, Turkey, Somalia, Malaysia, and Indonesia, hand-kissing is a typical way to greet elders and teachers.

However, since relationships aren’t platonic, they take a different turn when it comes to them. On a first date, it can be interpreted as a sign of respect and decency if a man kisses your hand. When you’re in a committed relationship, giving hand kisses to your partner can be a kind and considerate way to express your love.


Cheek kiss

A cheek kiss is a straightforward show of greeting or affection that can mean a lot of various things depending on who you share it with.

In a totally platonic exchange, this style of kiss is regularly given to close friends or family members, or even when formally presenting oneself to strangers. Even if you’re still apprehensive, giving someone a kiss on the lips can be a sweet way to show your love. You can kiss your lover on the cheeks to show your love, appreciation, affection, etc.


French Kiss

For many people, a French kiss is nothing new. When you want things to get heated with your lover, you frequently give them a tongue-kiss.

But at other times, like when the other is leaving town or has just arrived, couples would exchange a French kiss to declare their love for one another. It’s a wonderful way to let them know how much you care for them and miss them. It also shows that there is still a strong romantic attraction between the two of them.


The Air Kiss

This is more of a greeting than a romantic gesture, and it can even be exchanged purely platonically among close friends and family members.

It occurs when two people purse their lips as if they are going to kiss, but instead just brush their cheeks against one another. In some cultures, one air kiss is acceptable, whereas two or three are preferable.


A head kiss

A forehead kiss is when you kiss someone on the forehead. Instead of being done out of sexual arousal, these kisses are meant to be caring and empathetic.

Although parents and other family members regularly give forehead kisses to children, they can also be given romantically.


Neck Kiss

Being a delicate part of the body, the neck is usually explored as a show of comfort or flirtation. Therefore, neck kisses are typically seductive and a terrific technique to make things hot in bed. These kisses are never exchanged on a first date.

Neck kisses in bed have a special effect on long-term couples who are comfortable with one another. It fires their chemistry both physically and sexually. Another indication that your lover wants more from you is a neck kiss. It is an indication that they want to develop their relationship.

You merely touch the recipient with your lips. During a peck, the lips of both sides are frequently closed and slightly puckered. Because it is sufficiently intimate without being overtly sensuous, this is a great method to share your first kiss with someone you like or are thinking about dating. Because it doesn’t require practice or technique, it also cannot be performed poorly.


Shoulder Kisses

When there is a sexual attraction present, shoulder kisses are sensual, intimate, and an indication that things might be heating up. Couples who are very close or who have already developed a deeply committed relationship frequently give shoulder kisses.

Shoulder kisses are unusual in the early stages of a relationship, but if you do receive one, take it as a sign that the other person is already bonding and feeling fairly close to you.

Since they are often shorter than those given to women, women may choose to kiss their partners’ shoulders as a quick way to express their appreciation. When a man kisses a woman on the shoulder in public, he is demonstrating his love, respect, and devotion to her.


Eskimo Kiss

The tip of one’s nose is placed on the other’s during this kiss. Some tribes use it as a kind welcome sign, most notably the Eskimos from whom it gets its name.

Because it often shows tenderness and playfulness, this kiss can be shared in a playful moment with your partner. It’s also really cute to share this kiss with your youngster.


10. Butterfly Kiss

The butterfly kiss is one of the sweetest types of kisses. It exudes kindness, love, and fun and is charming and delicate.

A butterfly kiss gives the impression that the recipient is being kissed by a butterfly’s wings by bringing your face near to theirs, bringing your eyes almost to theirs, and then fluttering your eyelids. A butterfly kiss isn’t usually romantic and is regularly used by parents on their young children.


Kiss on the head

A kiss on the top of the head typically makes the recipient feel safe. Usually, it might come from your family, especially your parents.

It is a gesture that gives the recipient a sense of safety, comfort, and familiarity. But when it comes from a partner, it may be just as strong and give you the same sense of security and comfort that it would from a member of your family.



Kissing can be a very nerve-wracking experience if the wrong message is being given. Kissing is a private way to express affection and emotion. Every time, the context of a kiss is vital since the “where,” “when,” and “who” can significantly change the kiss’s meaning, sensation, and message.

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